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Hi, I'm Naiyma. I'm a fitness model who met the webmaster at a sports expo. My
strength caught his attention after I broke the record for most kettle ball lifts by a
woman...I lifted an astonishing 150 pounds, 100 times in a row!!! I'm pretty sure I
beat most of the men in the competition also. I've always been strong and
outgoing. I'm extremely dedicated to my fitness and workout  routine as I'm a bikini
competitor and want to remain in peak condition. I had so much fun during my
tryout and loved showing that a woman can be strong and confident without losing
her femininity. Hope to make many more videos for my fans. Please watch my
videos and be sure to let the webmaster know how much you enjoy watching
10 minute Kettleball Lift and Armwrestle Video
46 minute Tryout Video
(519MB - large file)
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Naiyma's shocking strength after breaking a kettle bell record at a sports expo earns her a tryout with the Webmaster for his site. She
immediately  wows by showing off a few of her favorite flexing and posing moves in her bikini and heels. She's eager to show she's not only
attractive but strong too!! She takes on the webmaster's challenges with ease and puts him down Righty and Lefty all along while the only one
struggling is poor old Wimpy during the ARMWRESTLING challenge. Trying to put a win in the "men" column, Naiyma's boyfriend tries to take her
down by armwrestling her but her biceps take him down also!! She's proves that she's not only a fitness beauty but she has strength to take on
the guys too. Wimpy tries and fails to gain a little respect during his attempts to take her on in other strength challenges which include: BICEP
PULLDOWN, MERCY and PUNCHING her six-pack ABS in which Naiyma passes like a true champ!! Naiyma embarrasses Wimpy during a
dumbbell curling contest in which she lifts the weights like feathers while he struggles with each lift. As a grand finale in proving her true
strength and stamina, Naiyma passes the LIFT AND CARRY portion of the tryout like a real pro! She literally scares the daylights out of Wimpy as
she lifts and spins him around like a doll! Lifts include: OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S, PIGGY-BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, CRADLE and LEG PRESS.
Wow!! She certainly proved she's got it all... Strength, biceps, beauty and confidence...the makings of an all around fitness champion.
Naiyma's Tryout Video (46 minute video)

(includes Interview, Flexing/Posing, Armwrestling, Bicep Pulldown, Lift/Carry, Game of Mercy,
Abs Punching, Dumbell Curling, and more!)
Also Included: Additional BONUS: (10 minute video)
See how Naiyma was originally discovered by lifting a 150 pound Kettleball 100 times and then toying
with Wimpy in Armwrestling at a Fitness Expo!
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