Welcome to Nana's Page!
Hi, I'm Nana. The Webmaster found me at the park and I quickly proved to him that age is
just a number. I'm proud of my biceps and hope to be a strong role model for women
everywhere of all ages. I'm always getting admiring comments from women and men about
my biceps. Funny, because I don't even work out at a gym. (something the Webmaster may
want to do after he realized how much stronger than him I am.) I'm glad to be a model on
the site and hope to make many videos for my fans to enjoy.
NEW! - Nana's Flex and Armwrestle Video
The Webmaster found Nana at the park. Her Biceps attracted his attention and you'll see why. She's got the
attitude along with an amazing split peaked bicep!!.....a perfect combination for VideoTeasing. The Webmaster
struggles while attempting to ArmWrestle Nana but she keeps on smiling. They go righty and then lefty and not
even cheating helps the poor Webmaster. The Webmaster tries to pull Nana's biceps down as a last resort to gain
his dignity, but her biceps don't budge. Poor Webmaster.....Will he ever learn??
11 min 38 sec Flex/Armwrestle
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