Welcome to Knockout Natalia's Page!
Hi, I'm Natalia from Brazil, one of the youngest international Figure
champions in the world. Building my muscles and physique has
become my passion. Being a personal trainer is very rewarding
and I love helping people become fit through proper nutrition and
exercise. I'm proud to be on the site and prove that hard work and
determination really do pay off, while having a little fun too!
Natalia is discovered by the Webmaster at an international competition show. Her biceps are so amazing
that they nearly take his breath away! It's hard to believe this beauty is only 19 years old with the grace of
a seasoned professional. She's excited to take Wimpy on in an armwrestling match and he soon
realizes that her biceps are not just for show but they're super strong also! He attempts to take her on
righty, lefty, and two-handed all while she smiles and flexes her champion winning biceps! No matter
how hard he tries, he fails! Her bicep flexing and 8 pack abs leave him in shock! Never has anyone ever
seen a beauty like Natilia with a championship physique and biceps that truly will leave you speechless!
Natalia's Bicep Introduction Video
(Flexing and Armwrestling)
Natalia's Outdoor Tryout Video
(includes Flexing, Armwrestling, Bicep Pull-Down, Comparisons, Measuring, Game of Mercy)
The wimpy webmaster gets his second chance to redeem himself during Natalia's initial tryout. He insists on taking on
the beautiful and strong champion and she's happy to oblige.  As the match begins, he begins to realize that he will never
be able to beat her. Her strong biceps are no match to his little wimpy arms and she puts him down each time. Trying to
get the edge, he challenges her to a Bicep PullDown contest but her strong biceps just won't budge! Her biceps are most
impressive and overpower his during a comparison and he's in awe of their sheer size after measuring her biceps with
his bare hands. As a last attempt...Wimpy tries to gain his glory with a Game of Mercy but nothing he does can take on
the strong beauty with biceps of a champion and a physique that is built to impress.
16 min 22 sec Outdoor Tryout Video
Natalia continues to prove her strength during an extended tryout scene that moves from outdoors to indoors.
She's full of energy and ready to show the fans that she's earned her championship title by proving she's strong
for real. Natalia sails through her tryout as her smile never fades. She passes all the strength tests like a pro
including: Arm-To-Arm Tug of War, Dumbell Curling Contest, Pushup Contest, Lift and Carry (PIGGY BACK,
BACK-TO BACK-, CRADLE, LEG PRESS) Abs Punching Contest and Armwrestling challenge. See why Natalia is
for sure one of the most impressive models the Webmaster has ever discovered.
22 min 41 sec  Indoor Tryout Video
Natalia's Tryout Video Package 1 (47 minutes)
Get all 4 videos below for $29.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
NEW! - Natalia's Tryout Video Package 1 (47 minutes)
Get all 4 videos above for $29.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
6 min 12 sec Video
Natalia's Indoor Tryout Video
(includes Lift and Carry, Abs Punching, Armwrestling, Flexing, Pushup and
Dumbell Curling Contest, Arm to Arm Tug of War)
Natalia's Mirror Selfie Flexing Video (in Hi-Res)
Nalatia is proud to show off her championship physique. Her Biceps are the highlight
of this video as she flexes them in front of the mirror for her fans. Watch and be
memorized with their sheer size and definition. Natalia truly has earned her world
championship title. Watch her and you'll agree
2 minute Mirror Selfie Video
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