Welcome to Natalie's Page!
Hi, I'm Natalie.
I'm 18 years old from the Czech Republic. I've always looked up to
female bodybuilders as my role models.   
I'm strong and love showing off my physique, especially my biceps
which I'm the most proud of. Looking forward to making many more
strength and flexing videos for my new fans in the future.
Natalie's Flexing Audition Video w/Bonus Gym Footage!
From the Czech Republic comes a hot young muscle babe who's biceps, physique and beauty will
leave you speechless!! She's eager to show off her amazing muscle, especially her biceps!! She
flexes and pumps her arms knowing this is the part of her physique she is most proud of. Not only
does she have great biceps, her entire body is awesome also!! Her legs are spectacular with muscle
and form that is truly great!! You won't be able to stop staring at her as she proudly shows off her
most amazing body which will leave you completely in awe!!  
Get the pleasure of watching Natalie's muscle's in action at the gym. She pumps and flexes her
jaw-dropping muscle. A true treat for all her new fans to enjoy!!
10 minute Audition Video (197MB)
2 minute Gym Bonus (78MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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