Welcome to No-Nonsense Nay's Page!
Hi, my name is Nay and I arm wrestle for real against
women twice my size!  I saw the Wimpy Webmaster at a
Fitness show and thought it would be fun to "try out"
for his site as if there was any doubt I would be strong
enough LOL.  So before my real competition, I decided
to have a little fun with Wimpy showing off my sexy
muscles and strength right there for ALL to see at the
fitness convention!  Stay tuned for more!
NEW! - Nay's Tryout Video
w/Armwrestling, Lift/Carry, Abs Punching, Flexing/Posing, and more!
A girl named Nay recognizes the famous VideoTeasing webmaster at a sports/fitness expo and asks to be on
his site.  Hearing that she is an actual Armwrestler in town for a competition, the wimpy webmaster knew he
had to give her a Tryout.  Nay totally humiliated poor Wimpy in front of everyone in Armwrestling at the
convention center by repeatedly taking him down after first toying with him.  After convinced that she was one
of the strongest and sexiest armwrestlers he has ever seen,  Wimpy was curious about her Lift and Carry
abilities and Nay did NOT disappoint.  Cradles, Piggybacks, Over the Shoulders, Nay did it ALL with astonishing
ease!  After that Nay even took some of Wimpy's best punches to her hard and cut abs.  Nay ends the Tryout by
proudly flexing and posing to show off her incredibly toned and sexy physique.  Turns out Nay is  the complete
package - Muscular, Strong, Sexy, and extremely Confident!
20 min 18 sec Tryout Video
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