Welcome to the page of No Mercy Nicole!
Hi I'm Nicole, the Wimpy Webmaster's Assistant for
VideoTeasing.com. He hired me for my brains, but little did he
know that I've been working out the entire time I've been working
for him. He thought I was wimpy and weak like him and couldn't lift
a darn thing, but boy did I prove him WRONG.
Nicole's Armwrestling Video 1
See how the webmaster's brainy assistant turns into "No Mercy Nicole" as she shocks her boss in a
display of strength that he never saw coming!  Fed up with being bossed around, Nicole first hoists him
over her shoulder before thoroughly humiliating him in armwrestling leaving wimpy totally speechless.
12 min 41 sec Armwrestling Video
Nicole's Lift Carry and Scissor Video
16 min 18 sec Lift Carry Scissor Video
Nicole invites her boyfriend to come over without telling him why.  Little did he realize he was being invited
over to be the victim in Nicole's Lift Carry and Scissor Video. Determined to show how strong she is, Nicole
stuns her boyfriend by lifting and carrying him in a variety of ways (ots, piggyback, cradle, leg press, etc).  And
if that wasn't enough Nicole completely dominates her boyfriend with her powerful legs in a brutal and very
sexy head and bodyscissor video where she has him begging for mercy!
Nicole's Abs Punching / Mercy Strength Games
Watch the Wimpy Webmaster's Assistant as she laughs at one of the new Abs Punching videos. No
Mercy Nicole swears that the punches thrown were weak, and that she could take much harder
punches than the other models. Watch in awe as she takes Wimpy's Abs Punching Challenge as well as
a few games of Mercy and Arm Tug-O-War, to really prove her strength superiority.
9 minute Abs/Mercy Video
Nicole's Armwrestling Video 2
(Loser Kisses Feet, Legs and Arms)
No Mercy Nicole's Boyfriend Josh boasts about how he can easily defeat her in Armwrestling and made
fun of the fact that she beat such a weak and wimpy guy in the last video. Nicole, never one to back down
from a challenge takes Josh on, but to make it a bit more interesting they agree that the loser will have
to kiss and worship the winner's feet legs and muscle.
10 min 36 sec Armwrestling Video
Nicole's Worship Me Video
Nicole, getting hotter and stronger by the day and growing in confidence cannot stop admiring her
progress. After awhile she needs somebody else to worship her legs and arms. She calls her Boyfriend
over, demanding that he smack, punch and than kiss her calves and thighs and dares him to pull down
her arms as she is in the double bicep pose. To top it off, she gives her boyfriend a standing leg scissor
that sends him into dreamland. This video is a REAL tease.
12 minute Worship Video
Nicole's Lift and Carry Patty Video
Nicole walks in as Patty Peaks and the webmaster are discussing what to do for Patty's next shoot .
Nicole says she wants to do a Lift and Carry video in her HIGH HEELS. Sure enough she does it and with
ease. See how strong Nicole has become as she shocks everyone by easily picking up the muscular Patty
and carrying her around in a Cradle, Piggyback, Back to Back Piggyback, Side Cradle and Leg Press
14 minute Lift and Carry Video
Nicole's Flex and Tease Video 1
Watch as No Mercy Nicole entices you in this wonderful sexy video, she poses and flexes just for you. She
rubs, squeezes and licks her biceps with confidence as she tells you how much you wish you can touch and
lick her biceps and toned legs. She gives you a nice, real ab punching and tells you how much you WISH you
were the one to hit her in her rock hard abs. Enjoy this tease of a video, because you're gonna love it.
16 min 30 sec Flex and Tease Video 1
Nicole's Webcam Video 1
Watch No Mercy Nicole's Live Recorded Webcam show! All based on
requests from you the fans. She does an amazing abs punching feat
including her boyfriend, at one point involving a pan being smacked
against her solid abs! Also includes an amazing body and neck
scissor you won't forget.
12 min 42 sec Webcam Video 1 (Webcam Quality)
Nicole's Ultimate Video Package
Get ALL of Nicole's videos below for $49.95
(over 2 Hours of video!)
Nicole's Live Lift and Carry Show!
Nicole's Wake Up Scissor!
10 min Scissor Video
11 min 27 Sec Lift and Carry Show Video
An amazing Lift and Carry spectacle you must see! No Mercy Nicole does a variety of
Lift and Carry's for you. She forces the webmaster to be lifted and carried around like
a rag doll, all live on webcam and we filmed it just for you. This video includes amazing
Piggyback rides, cradles, back to back, over the shoulder and leg press. She is so
eager, it's bound to get you VERY excited!
Watch as Nicole treats her boyfriend like a toy! All she wants to do is play with him, but he
doesn't want to get up from bed. She doesn't like to be kept waiting to play, so she takes
matters into her own hands and tries to wake him up, how dare he give her the excuse of
being tired from work! Nicole must have her fun and she sure does to this poor loser,
getting crushed between her legs and thighs with her powerful scissors!
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Nicole's Ultimate Video Package
Get ALL of Nicole's videos above for $49.95
(over 2 Hours of video!)
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28 minute Tryout Video (600MB - Hi Res)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Nicole's Tryout Video in Hi Res!
Nicole, finally earns the respect she deserves by showing her boss (the wimpy webmaster) how strong she has
gotten in the past few months as she is put through the same tryout video all the other models have to go through.  
Armwrestling, Lift/Carry, Mercy, Leg Press, Bicep Pull-Down and more.  Nicole, then totally fed up at the end,
decides to put Wimpy out for good by using her very strong legs to apply a devastating head scissor.  
Also see Nicole in a very special Lift and Carry Party Video!!
Sabrina's Fun with Nicole Video
(Lift, Carry, and Armwrestling!)
21 min 30 sec Lift Carry Armwrestling Video 1
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
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Sabrina, who you may remember from the Lift and Carry Party Video, is a girl who just loves to be Lifted and Carried by big strong  girls.  So the
webmaster made her dream come true when he brought "No Mercy Nicole" down to the park to Lift and Carry Sabrina in almost every way you can
think of.  Nicole, who has gotten so much stronger over the last few months even lifted Sabrina and the Wimpy Webmaster BOTH at the SAME TIME!
 The second part of the video is Sweet Sabrina (trained by Nicole) taking on the Wimpy Webmaster in Armwrestling.  The video ends with "No
Mercy Nicole" physically forcing an apology out of Wimpy (for disrespecting Sweet Sabrina).  Nicole slams his arm down and holds it there until he
apologizes. This video was a lot of fun for Sabrina but turned out to be real humiliating for poor Wimpy!
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14 min 40 sec Fun w/Nicole Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Nikki Sadistic's Fun with Nicole Video 1 in Hi-Res
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Nikki Sadistic and No-Mercy Nicole have gotten a lot closer in the last few months and they just had to drop
by the webmaster to show off their newly found admiration starting with some serious MUSCLE WORSHIP
as Nicole can not keep her hands (and lips) off of Nikki's flexed biceps and legs.  Then they showed off how
much they love to wrestle with each other  - pinning and scissoring one another!  They also found that they
love to lift and carry each other with the most amazing lift coming at the end - powerful Nicole who has
gotten so much stronger gives Nikki a Shoulder Ride!!
NEW! - Nicole's Two Person Strength Domination Video
22 minute 2 on 1 Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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No-Mercy Nicole shows how strong she has become over the past few months by humiliating TWO guys at
the SAME TIME with an overpowering display of strength!  First, she had to set her boyfriend straight (who
actually didn't want her doing these videos anymore) with some devastating scissor holds.  Once he was
put in his place, Nicole then took on her boyfriend AND the Wimpy Webmaster simultaneously in ARM TUG
defeated and  exhausted at the end, Nicole still has energy left to do some amazing LIFT AND CARRIES!