Welcome to Nikki Sadistic's Page!
I'm Nikki Sadistic & you will refer to me as your GODDESS! I'm the Princess of
Domination on VideoTeasing.com. I love anything having to do with punishing my
pets and slaves. I'm the naughty girl of the bunch and anything hardcore I'll take.
I've recently found a new love for flexing my biceps hard and showing off my guns
to you weak F%&@ING losers. I have my human girl-pet with me to assist me with
any muscle worship I demand. I'm very open-minded and open to many requests.
So far I have been enjoying myself having many men and woman alike worship
me. What's really fun to me is humiliating others! Since I'm dominant by nature.
Nikki Sadistic's Bicep Worship Video
In her first ever flexing and tease video, Nikki Sadistic knows how to tease
and please you with her biceps. She flexes and kisses her biceps, telling you
the  viewer / worshipper how much muscle she has compared to your
toothpick arms! It's obvious who has the REAL power here. She says "You
can only dream about these , it's not like you're ever going to touch them
wimp!"  she even makes her Pet slave girl  kiss and worship her muscles.
12 Minute Bicep Worship Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
See the audition video she submitted to VideoTeasing.com!
Nikki Sadistic's Audition Video!
10 min 14 sec Audition/Flexing Video
FREE! (with purchase of Nikki's Bicep Worship Video)
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Nikki Sadistic's Armwrestling
Domination Video
(with Mercy, Bicep Pull-Down, and quick Lift/Carry)
12 min 30 sec Armwrestling Domination Video
Also see Nikki in a very special Lift and Carry Party Video!!
The webmaster beats Kitty (Nikki's friend) in Armwrestling but he
doesn't get to celebrate for long as Nikki Sadistic steps in to get
revenge.  Nikki totally dominates Wimpy in Armwrestling and forces
him to acknowledge her superior strength.  When he refuses, she
really humiliates him by lifting him up in a quick cradle and then
demands to play a Mercy game with him in order to totally embarrass
poor Wimpy in front of all her girlfriends in the dorm room.
Nikki Sadistic's Flex Lift and
Worship Video
8 min 50 sec Flex Lift and Worship Video
Nikki's pet girlfriend Kitty gets so hot watching Goddess Nikki flex, she
just cant help herself from touching, caressing and kissing those
amazingly sexy biceps of her Idol.  And Nikki is more than happy to have
her tight and muscular physique lovingly worshipped.  As an added treat
for Kitty, Nikki picks her up in a number of different ways and lets her
worship while being held like the adorable pet she is.
8 min 35 sec Muscle Rub Video
Nikki Sadistic's Muscle Rub Video
In an unbelievably HOT video, Nikki started doing some bicep flexing,
when her two sexy friends just couldn't contain themselves and just
has to touch and worship.  Before you know it, they were kissing
and rubbing lotion into Nikki's biceps and abs.  (Her abs also get
punched in this video by Wimpy in a test of abs strength, but the
girls quickly rub her redness away and then continue to worship!)
Nikki Sadistic's Everything Video
(Lift/Carry, Armwrestling, Abs Punching, Scissoring, Mercy, Bicep Pull Down, and much more!)
28 min 37 sec Everything Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Nikki Sadistic does it ALL in this video.  Wimpy's female camera person Nicole couldn't even resist getting into the action
in this one.  Some of the stuff includes armwrestling (the girls armwrestle Wimpy at the same time to see who can put
him down quicker!), Bicep Worship, Bicep Pull-down challenge, Game of Mercy, Abs Punching (both Wimpy and Nicole
take shots at Nikki).  Head Scissoring, a special really cute blonde friend of Nikki even drops by for some F/F Lift Carries.  
And of course more humiliation for poor Wimpy at the hands (and arms and legs) of the great Nikki Sadistic!
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Nikki Sadistic's Hi-Res Flex and Tease Video
7 minute Flex and Tease Video
9 min 28 sec Mirror Muscle Love Video
Nikki Sadistic's MIrror
Muscle Love Video
Nikki just loves to look at her body in the mirror and admire every
muscle.  It's hard for her not to touch and kiss her own muscles
as she can't believe how big and sexy they have become.  As she
explores her own body, she even finds muscles she didn't even
realize she had.  A real treat for all Nikki fans!
Nikki is admiring her own body as she kills time waiting for her boyfriend.  When he finally arrives Nikki turns
him into her little boy toy as she dominates him in armwrestling, picks him up, and commands him to hit her in
the abs before making him kiss and worship her entire body.  This video was not supposed to be this long but
the boyfriend couldn't stop worshipping for REAL! so we just let the cameras keep on rolling!!
Nikki Sadistic's Boytoy Video
15 min 17 sec Boytoy Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
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Nikki Sadistic's Video Package 1
Get all 5 videos below for $29.95
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Nikki Sadistic's Video Package 1
Get all 5 videos above for $29.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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14 min 40 sec Fun w/Nicole Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Nikki Sadistic's Fun with Nicole Video 1 in Hi-Res
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Nikki Sadistic and No-Mercy Nicole have gotten a lot closer in the last few months and they just had to drop by the
webmaster to show off their newly found admiration starting with some serious MUSCLE WORSHIP as Nicole can not
keep her hands (and lips) off of Nikki's flexed biceps and legs.  Then they showed off how much they love to wrestle
with each other  - pinning and scissoring one another!  They also found that they love to lift and carry each other with the
most amazing lift coming at the end - powerful Nicole who has gotten so much stronger gives Nikki a Shoulder Ride!!