Welcome to Nikki Wood's Page!
Hi all, I’m Nikki. I am your girl next door with so much more!!
I’m open to all types of modeling, especially the niche of
muscle and strength. It fits me perfectly because I love
having fun while being admired and worshiped from head
to toe. I’m strong and looking to get my physique in top
shape. I’m full of energy so hope you’re ready for me
Meet Nikki Wood, a fun, outgoing and super hot woman who dropped in during open auditions when the Webmaster was on the
road. Her muscles are super strong which she proves (with a little shock factor) with the feats of strength tests including:
The finale of the tryout goes to the SCISSOR HOLD TEST where Nikki has so much fun squeezing the daylights out of the
Webmaster!! The more he squeals in agony, the more she squeezes and laughs out loud!! Looks like she found her “sweet spot” for
letting her energy out and Wimpy is the unfortunate victim but keeps asking for more.He thinks he can take it, but soon enough
finds out he was surely wrong!!   
Includes post-shoot recap where Nikki talks about her favorite feat of strength, LIFT & CARRIES. She does one with the Webmaster
she didn’t do in her tryout. Watch to find out which one she did. You’ll be glad that we kept the camera rolling!
---Behind the Scenes Bonus---
20 min 51 sec Tryout Video(782MB) mp4 format
8 min 18 sec BTS Bonus  (319MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Nikki and the Webmaster practice a run-through before her
tryout to get a feel of what she’s truly capable of doing. She
shows the LIFTS won’t be a problem at all with her solid and
strong leg strength. Going on that, the Webmaster gets a
gauge of her quad strength by doing a REAL SCISSOR test of
her true strength to see just how much he can take without
needing to tap out. Yes, he learns that if she goes all the way
with her strength, she would definitely hurt him.
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