Welcome to Super Nova's Page!
I'm Nova. I'm so glad to be a model on the site. I'm new to bikini modeling and never
expected to be discovered at a fitness expo. I had a great time flexing my biceps and
showing off my strength. I'd say I had the most fun armwrestling the Webmaster and showing
off my physique and strength. I may be petite but I'm strong, proving that good things do
come in small packages. If the Webmaster has any more doubts about my strength, I'm up to
the challenge......he may need a protein drink and a nap first though. Watch my videos and
you'll see that behind my cute physique is a strong woman ready to let her inner lion out.
11 minute Armwrestling/Flexing Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
While walking around a sports and fitness convention, the Webmaster was shocked when he saw Nova, a petite, beautiful bikini
model doing 89 Bicep curls in one minute. She shows the Webmaster that not only is she a beauty, but she has biceps too. The
Webmaster invites her to do some flexing and posing for the site and she's more than happy to do so. While showing off her
biceps, the Webmaster gets tempted to see just how strong her they really are. He challenges her to a BICEP PULLDOWN test
which she passes with flying colors. The Webmaster puts Nova to his ultimate ARMWRESTLING challenge and she's confident she
can easily handle anything that comes her way. She surprises him and puts him down with ease. Being a sweet girl, she gives him
an advantage of using only two fingers against his entire hand, but her kind gesture still doesn't help him. Down he goes again!! An
onlooker in the crowd heckles the poor Webmaster. The heckler, who's bigger than the Webmaster, wants to show how a "real
man" does it. Nova is up for the challenge and she quickly shows that her biceps are stronger than anyone ever expected. Be sure
not to miss how Nova earned her place on the site  while her biceps get the respect they surely deserve in this fantastic video.
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