Special  Package of our newest Muscle Models
13 minute Armwrestling/Flexing Video
Carla impressed the Webmaster by winning the Female pullup contest at
a fitness expo. He knew her biceps were strong enough to handle the
pullup contest but he was curious to know if her biceps could handle the
Wimpy Webmaster. She first shows off how fit her biceps are by flexing
them. The webmaster knew he may of been in over his head as soon as
Carla begins to flex and show off her cut biceps that look too good to be
true. Carla is glad to prove to the Webmaster that not only are her biceps
good enough to be on the site, but that she's strong enough to show that
a woman can be strong, sexy and confident. The Webmaster
armwrestles Carla which quickly turns out to be a huge mistake for poor
Wimpy. She easily puts him down and while he's suffering in pain and
feeling humiliated - she's smiling and appears to be having a great time.
Carla gives the Webmaster one last chance to gain his manhood back by
offering her two fingers to Wimpy's hand but he can't handle it and even
cheats by using  both hands! Carla easily passes the other tests
including: BICEP PULLDOWN and GAME OF MERCY. Carla quickly proves
that she's perfect for the site and knows that she'll make many new fans
as soon as they watch this amazing video!
NEW! - Carla's Flexing and
Armwrestling Video
9 minute Armwrestling/Flexing Video
Indrell, a female bodybuilder, put on an impressive feat in the ladies bicep curling
event at a fitness expo,  pulling the guys weight and putting the men to shame.
When word of this got to the Webmaster, he had to see it for himself. He was
immediately impressed along with all her fans watching in the crowd.  Indrell  was
interested in being a model on the site. The Webmaster wanted to make sure she
was strong for real by putting her through a few tests including: BICEP PULLDOWN
CHALLENGE in which she wiped the floor clean with him. Next the ARMWRESTLING
challenge wore poor little wimpy out! Indrell's huge and strong biceps were no
match to Wimpy's little arms (of which Indrell chuckles at). Wimpy tries two hands
but not even cheating helps him. Indrell's having fun but poor Wimpy is suffering.
Not only is Wimpy's arm hurting but his ego is hurting as well. Wimpy admits
defeat and Indrell does a victory pose highlighting her incredible biceps.  
NEW! - Indrell's Flexing and
Armwrestling Video
13 min 23 sec Armwrestling/Flexing Video
The Wimpy Webmaster discovers Gloria, a woman with monster biceps, the
winner of a plank strength contest competing against the men at a fitness
sports expo. The webmaster should of been well aware of her strength just by
looking at her huge biceps, but non the less, he challenges her to
ARMWRESTLE him. It's obvious that Gloria can crush the webmaster like a
bug, as she's certainly stronger than him but she's a great sport and goes
along with the webmaster challenge requests. The Webmaster quickly
realizes that he's way in over his head as soon as they begin to armwrestle.
Her biceps put him down without much effort and even her offering to only use
two of her fingers against his entire hand, doesn't help the poor, wimpy
webmaster. Gloria smiles and loves the well earned attention her biceps bring.
She warned the webmaster that she used to beat up the boys in school, but he
just wouldn't listen. The webmaster challenges Gloria to other feats including:
BICEP PULLDOWN challenge and GAME OF MERCY but at the end, the
webmaster admits his defeat. Gloria proudly flexes her large and muscular
biceps proving that if a man challenges a  women with strong biceps, he may
be in for more than he asked for.
NEW! - Gloria's Flexing and
Armwrestling Video
11 minute Armwrestling/Flexing Video
While walking around a sports and fitness convention, the Webmaster was
shocked when he saw Nova, a petite, beautiful bikini model doing 89 Bicep
curls in one minute. She shows the Webmaster that not only is she a beauty,
but she has biceps too. The Webmaster invites her to do some flexing and
posing for the site and she's more than happy to do so. While showing off her
biceps, the Webmaster gets tempted to see just how strong her they really are.
He challenges her to a BICEP PULLDOWN test which she passes with flying
colors. The Webmaster puts Nova to his ultimate ARMWRESTLING challenge
and she's confident she can easily handle anything that comes her way. She
surprises him and puts him down with ease. Being a sweet girl, she gives him
an advantage of using only two fingers against his entire hand, but her kind
gesture still doesn't help him. Down he goes again!! An onlooker in the crowd
heckles the poor Webmaster. The heckler, who's bigger than the Webmaster,
wants to show how a "real man" does it. Nova is up for the challenge and she
quickly shows that her biceps are stronger than anyone ever expected. Be sure
not to miss how Nova earned her place on the site  while her biceps get the
respect they surely deserve in this fantastic video.
NEW! - Super Nova's Flexing and
Armwrestling Video
Special Muscle Models Flexing and Armwrestling Video Package
Get all 4 Flexing/Armwrestling videos above with special bonus for $39.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Special Muscle Models Flexing and Armwrestling Video Package
Get all 4 Flexing/Armwrestling videos below with special bonus for $39.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
The Wimpy Webmaster has been hard at work recruiting and armwrestling FOUR amazing new muscle
models at a recent fitness show!!

As a special promotion, these videos are available in a special discounted package with additional REAL
Husband/Wife Armwrestling Bonus!
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--Additional Bonus--
REAL Husband/Wife Armwrestling
2 min 45 sec Armwrestling Video
The wimpy webmaster gets a husband-wife couple attending a recent fitness expo to armwrestle
for REAL proving who the stronger sex is in their relationship.  Shocked by the outcome, Wimpy
tries his luck against the wife and quickly finds out that her strength is the real deal!