Welcome to Panda's Page!
Hi all, I'm Panda. I'm a physique competitor. I've been lifting weights for
the past three years. I'm most proud of my biceps while maintaining my
femininity. I'm outgoing and just love hanging out with people having
fun. Working out and pumping weights not only builds my muscle but it
also builds my self-esteem and gives me great confidence. I'm sure
you'll love my videos as much as I loved making them with the
webmaster and his crew. Thanks to all my new fans!!!
The webmaster meets Panda at an expo and her amazingly pumped biceps immediately catch his
interest. He knows Panda's biceps belong on his site along with her outgoing personality and
outstanding physique. She Flexes and Poses her amazing biceps, which completely overpower his in
size during a bicep comparison and then happily takes on the webmaster's challenge to arm wrestle
proving that behind those amazing biceps is impressive strength also. They ARM WRESTLE (Righty
and Lefty). Feeling pity for him, she allows him to use both arm and even offers only two fingers
against his entire hand but not even that advantage gives him an edge against her massive strength.
As a last attempt to take on her strength, he challenges her to GAME OF MERCY but her strength just
over powers him leaving him to realize it was a bad idea for his ego to challenge such an incredibly
strong beautiful woman!! Watch and see why she's quickly becoming a fan favorite!!
NEW! - Panda's Flex & Armwrestle Video
w/Arm Wrestling, Game of Mercy and Flexing & Posing!  
10 minute  Video
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