Welcome to Paris Knight's Page!
Hi, I'm Paris Knight. I'm an adult film star that specializes in fetish.  
But a lesser known fact about me is my incredible strength! I lift
heavy, have never lost in armwrestling (guy or girl) and I can
probably pop someone's head off with my legs!  That is why this site
intrigued me as I can't wait to back up the claims I made in my
interview.  I don't think the webmaster knows what he's getting
himself into when we meet for my "Tryout".
A very special guest, Paris Knight, introduces herself to the Webmaster in a special, exclusive
video. She's very popular in the adult and cam community and she's excited to introduce herself to
all the VideoTeasing fans. She loves to bring everyone's fantasies to life with her outgoing
personality and voluptuous physique along with her crazy huge biceps and head-crushing thighs!!  
She can't wait to meet the Webmaster in person (as she's made some amazing strength claims in
this video!) for her official tryout where she'll bring her muscle and feminine "weapons of
distraction", surely to impress us all!! Watch this video and you'll be counting down the days until
she gets the opportunity to earn her place on the site with an official tryout.
Paris Knight's Interview Audition Video
14 minute Interview Video (283MB) mp4 format
Paris Knight's Tryout Video
(includes Flexing/Posing, Armwrestling, Game of Mercy, Grip Test, Abs Punching,
Scissorholds, Lift/Carries and more!
In celebration of the return of in-person shoots, Paris Knight meets with the webmaster to prove her strength matches her
beauty during her amazing tryout. She's ready to impress from the start!! She warms up with BICEP PULLDOWN and MERCY
(while wearing her sexy high heels and then gets down to business when she ArmWrestles the Webmaster and quickly
exhausts him as they go Righty, Lefty and even his two hands against her one hand.  There's no doubt about it that her arm
strength is amazing but wait till you see her Grip Strength (she set the record)!! She also has two-bonus "distraction
weapons" which surely give her some leverage too!!  She's full of energy to burn and after the ABS punching test, she shows
off more of her shocking strength LIFTING and Carrying the 180 pound Webmaster several ways including:  LEG-PRESS,
PIGGY-BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, CRADLE, OVER-THE SHOULDER and FIREMAN'S. Then Paris really steals the show by doing a
DEAD-LIFT with the greatest of ease!! Paris Knight seals the deal for her tryout by doing her all-time favorite SCISSORING
moves. Her fun side and strength really come out to play as she squeezes the Webmasters head and body to the point where
he just can't take it anymore.  At one point, Wimpy had to use the "safe word" in order to avoid real injury.  Good thing he
comes around just in time to see her proudly FLEX her BICEPS above him!
Paris Knight's Behind the Scenes Video
(includes 100% REAL Armwrestling Match and it was quick!)
Paris and the Webmaster run through all the different LIFT AND CARRIES she'll be doing for her tryout.
She easily shows she can do them all with ease. (PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO BACK, CRADLE,
OVER-THE-SHOULDER, and FIREMAN'S). Her legs get a warm up also as they practice SCISSORING where
the Webmaster learns they'll need a "safe" word in case she gets carried too far during the tryout as
after she squeezes him for REAL, he sees that even half her strength is more than he can take. They run
through MERCY, BICEP PULLDOWN and ARMWRESTLING where she takes him down for REAL!! She leaves
him speechless after she does the grip-strength test and scores higher than most men and body
builders. (and she even scored higher in the Tryout Video!)  Watch out...her strength is no match to most
on the site and will give the Webmaster a workout he'll soon never forget in her upcoming tryout!!
32 minute Tryout Video (1.27GB ) mp4 format
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9 min 36 sec BTS Video (382 MB ) mp4 format
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Paris Knight's Tryout Video Package w/BTS and original Interview Audition
Get ALL 3 videos below for $39.95
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NEW! - Paris Knight's Tryout Video Package w/BTS and original Interview Audition
Get ALL 3 videos above for $39.95
Paris Knight's Armwrestle Lift and Humiliate Video
Unable to accept being overcome by Paris Knight's strength during her tryout, the webmaster
challenges her to take him on again. She's sweet and roots him on but in the end, he learns never to
doubt her strength again. He even tries to cheat his way to a victory but she pulls out all the stops
and along with her strong, muscular biceps, she brings out a few secret distraction moves on her
own!! (a true definition of girl-power at play!!) She closes the day by cooling down her muscles by
LIFTING an exhausted Webmaster several ways and carrying him off to recover and without a doubt,
admitting she's got endless strength which would impress anyone!!  
9 min 30 sec Video (377 MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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Due to overwhelming response from her tryout video, Paris Knight is invited back for another shoot for the site and just can’t wait to
show off more of her amazing strong strength!!
This time, Paris and the Webmaster go head to head with various feats of strength including:
Arm-to-Arm: tug of war, Bicep Pull-down, Bicep Mercy, Fingerlock Mercy, Arm Wrestling, Curling Contest, Grip Strength, Scale Squeeze
and more!!
Includes a new strength game (taken from a classic) with a special spin specific to the site, called “Rock, Scissors, Biceps”.
Paris quickly gets to it, full of energy and shows she’s not only strong but can easily beat the webmaster at his own games. The harder
he tries, the more he fails. Paris’ confidence is well-deserved and there’s no doubt that she’s a muscle powerhouse!!
She’s not only ready to compare her strength to the webmasters, she’s proud to show she can take on every challenge he throws at her.
Includes: bonus footage of Paris curling a 30lb dumbbell and also lifting a 50 lb dumbbell over her shoulder, with the greatest of ease!!
Watch “Paris Knights Strength Video” and see why, once again, she’s earned the right to say she’s among the strongest and one of the
most popular models on the site!!
25 min 18 sec Video (1GB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Paris Knight's Strength Competition vs Wimpy
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Paris Knight's Lift and Scissor the
Burglar Video
w/Behind the Scenes
BTS: Paris and the webmaster prepare for the burglar video. As a safety
precaution, they test her true scissoring strength to see what she can do but
more importantly, to see how much pressure he can truly take. Paris also
reveals the most popular requests she receives from her fans.
And now for the feature presentation.........
Don’t mess with Paris Knight or she’ll put you in your place!! Paris wasn’t going
to let a pathetic burglar ruin her day and more importantly, her workout. All she
wanted to do was to pump up her amazing biceps. It just so happened that she
didn’t have her weights with her and as a trade to having the burglar locked up,
she decided it would be fair to use his body as a tool in building up her amazing
muscle and physique. She takes control of the situation and lifts him doing a
fireman’s carry and squats with him on her back. She’s got a lot of energy to
burn and continues lifting him several other ways including: leg press and piggy-
back. Just when he thinks his punishment is over, she squeezes his neck
between her strong thighs until he succumbs to her powerful strength. Surely
he won’t ever attempt to mess with her again....or will he?
8 min 39 sec Video (330 MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Paris Knight's Flexing and Posing
She’s hot and she knows it!! Paris poses and flexes her amazing,
strong and feminine physique for all the fans to admire and
certainly enjoy!! Each pump builds her muscle more while leaving
you speechless and in awe of her beauty, muscle and strength!! Go
ahead and admire her. She’s worked hard at building a
powerhouse body that is calling to be worshiped!!  Fans of
cleavage teasing and camera angles that make Paris appear like a
giantess will also appreciate this video!
5 min 23 sec Video (212 MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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Paris Knight's ArmWrestling Tease
Paris goes along with the webmaster’s request to a rematch in
ARMWRESTLING. She has fun playing along with him while
wearing a sexy top that sure to be a huge distraction for him
3 min 17 sec Video (122MB) mp4 format
Paris Knight's Bicep Hold Escape
The webmaster takes Paris’ challenge to see if he can escape
from her BICEP HOLD. Looks like she’s in charge now and has
a little too much fun doing so. He quickly sees he’s in trouble
and has to succumb to her super strength.
4 minutes sec Video (133MB) mp4 format
Paris Knight's  Pin Escape Video
The Webmaster takes on Paris’ Schoolgirl PIN ESCAPE
Challenge and has no idea what he’s getting himself into (or
does he??) She pins his body down with her strong legs and
arms and uses her sexy physique to weaken him even further.
Sweet dreams Webmaster.
3 min 7 sec Video (123MB) mp4 format
Paris Knight's  Scissor Escape Video
Paris saves her favorite activity for last with a SCISSOR ESCAPE
Challenge. Can he break free from her grip....you’ll have to watch the
video but needless to say, she puts him in his place while showing
off her amazing leg strength, leaving him no where to escape except
to dream land while he surrenders to her amazing muscle power.  
4 min 45 sec Video (1174MB) mp4 format
Paris Knight Lifts Wimpy Video
Paris shows off her amazing strength Lifting and Carrying the Wimpy
Webmaster several ways including: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK,
FIREMAN’S, OVER-THE-SHOULDER and CRADLE!! Only one left out of
breath was the Webmaster while Paris was pure energy the entire time!!
3 min 49 sec Video (146MB) mp4 format
3 min 16 sec Video (128MB) mp4 format
Paris Knight the Giantess Lifts YOU Video
Do as she says little man and go along for the ride. Check out the
view as she LIFTS YOU!! You tremble but you just can’t get enough.
Check out her beautiful physique and strong biceps.  This giant
goddess has you just where she wants you to be.
Paris Knight's Six Video Package
Get all 6 videos below for $24.95
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Paris Knight's Six Video Package
Get all 6 videos above for $24.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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Paris Knight's Lift and Carry, Flex, and
Worship Video w/Paris Luv
This tag team amazing duo shows off their super strength Lifting and Carrying each other. It’s
our lucky day that will surely be memorable after you watch their awesome video. Includes:
ladies are energized and excited to show off with sexy flexing and posing. They heat up the
room as they can’t keep their hands (and lips) off each other’s physiques with sexy kissing to
really steal the show!! By far this is the hottest ending scene ever seen on the site!!
14 min 52 sec Video (598MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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A special treat for all the amazing fans of the site!! Put yourself in the Webmaster’s shoesand experience an incredible
POV as you immerse yourself in  Paris’ amazing strength, muscle and beauty!! Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN, TUG O’ WAR,
ARM WRESTLING, MERCY and a grand finale, SCISSORHOLD which will leave you completely speechless!!
You got to experience all that’s included in the Webmaster filming from his POV in testing Paris’ amazing strength
and surely special opportunity for the fans to imagine what it would be like to be in his shoes. Now, get an extra
look to see the making of the most awesome video and the “sacrifice” the webmaster goes through for all the loyal
fans while filming with the legendary Paris Knight!! Why decide which angle you like better. You get them both!!
Paris Knight's POV Strength Tests
15 min 39 sec Video (628MB) mp4 format
11 min 46 sec Video (393MB) mp4 format
Paris Knight's NON-POV Strength Tests Video
(First 12 minutes of previous POV video filmed in Traditional Fashion)
15 min 39 sec POV Video (628MB) mp4 format
11 min 46 sec Non-POV Video (393MB) mp4 format
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Paris Knight's Video Package 3
Get all 4 videos above for $24.95
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Paris Knight's Video Package 3
Get all 4 videos below for $24.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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5 min 57 sec Video (230MB) mp4 format
12 min 12 sec Video (431MB) mp4 format
4 min 29 sec Video (176MB) mp4 format
3 min 28 sec Video (134MB) mp4 format
NEW!- Paris Knight Flexes for the Pizza Boy!
NEW!- Paris Knight's Arm Strength and
Comparison Challenge!
NEW!- Paris Knight's Scissor the Pillow
wishing it was YOU!!
NEW!- Paris Knight the Schoolgirl Lifts
YOU her Teacher (POV)
Paris knew the way to the pizza boy’s “heart” and got the best deal
when she offered a flex show in trade of her dinner. Didn’t take long
to make the delivery a success and leaving them both full and
satisfied. Watch how she leaves him speechless as she mesmerizes
him by flexing and pumping her amazing biceps, strong quads, and
more. She even lets him touch for those free breadsticks! Somehow,
he ends up tipping her....that’s just how hot she is!!
Paris loves to scissor and squeeze anyone or anything she can get
her strong quads around. All her volunteers are out, recovering
from her powerful thighs so in the meantime, she keeps up her
passion, using a pillow to keep her thighs warm and ready for the
next victim foolish enough to be tempted by her power!! Will you be
next? If only that pillow could talk...good luck guy!!
Paris is up for her re-evaluation and ready to show she’s still up to
taking the webmaster on in an ARMWRESTLING challenge. She’s sexy
and beautiful and with that comes her amazing strength too. They go
Righty and Lefty as he struggles while she keeps smiling.  Her
confidence is justified as she takes him on without breaking a sweat.
MEASURING, and GRIP STRENGTH TEST. She proves once again that her
strength and physique are without a doubt, better than ever!!
Paris (the schoolgirl) wants you (her teacher) to change her
grade to an "A".  She's in charge now sweeping you off your
feet, hoisting you above her, and giving you the view you've
always craved but never admitted to! You better give her that
passing grade or she'll tell the principal and your wife that
you've been secretly leering at her the whole semester!