Welcome to Powerhouse Paula's Page!
My Name is Paula. I'm from Argentina and I'm very happy to meet all my fans.
I've been bodybuilding for many years. I eat right and lift weights at the gym
every day. Meeting the Webmaster was very exciting. I'm so happy to show that
women can be strong and sexy. I'm always getting compliments on my Biceps,
Quads, Calves, and Abs and I'm exctied to be able to show off my fit physique
on VideoTeasing. I'm here to show that muscular women can be strong &
sexy!! Watch my videos and you'll be hooked with my first flex!!
Paula's Flex & ArmWrestle Video
The Webmaster can't believe his eyes when he spots Paula, a physique level-bodybuilding beauty from Argentina. Paula is
happy to show the Webmaster that her Biceps are not only real but that they're super strong also!! The Webmaster has
seen many strong sexy women in his days, but Paula is certainly a stand-out!! She's feminine, beautiful and has muscles
that anyone would be envious of! She has quads of steel and calves that stand out like nothing you've ever seen before!
Paula knows she's stronger than the Webmaster (and most men) but she's very sweet and goes along with his request to
test her strength. The Webmaster loses his energy during the Bicep Pulldown and Game of Mercy challenges. The
Webmaster tries to take Paula on in Armwrestling but things don't go well for him. Paula easily puts him down before he
even knows what happened! She beats him like a pro...even while he uses two hands! Paula leaves the Webmaster in
shock with a hurt ego!  Anyone who watches this video will be speechless and saying wow!  You'll be amazed with her
strength, biceps, overall physique and beauty!
16 min 14 sec Flex/Armwrestle Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Includes: Flexing, Armwrestling, Game of Mercy, Bicep Pulldown Challenge
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The Webmaster spots one of his VT models Paula, while recruiting for his site at a National Bodybuilding Show. Paula is
happy to see a familiar face in the crowd and excited to show she's is in top peak shape. The webmaster  brags that he's
been working on his strength and ready to prove once and for all that a "real man" will put her down. Paula can obviously
see that she's much stronger than him but she's a sweetheart and goes along with his request for a rematch.  Paula
flexes her cut biceps, a warning sign the webmaster obviously didn't see!! He attempts to show his poor excuse of a
bicep but Paula painfully surprises him when SHE pushes it down with one finger!  After he recovers he takes Paula on in
an ARMWRESTLING match.  It's quite obvious who the winner will be, but the chance of a bruised ego doesn't keep the
Webmaster from foolishly trying. Right handed, left handed, two handed...nothing helps the poor Webmaster win. A  larger
male onlooker chuckles at the webmaster's failed attempts to put her down but he also ends up being humiliated when
Paula's stong muscular biceps put him in the losers corner ! In a last ditch effort to gain their manhood, the webmaster
challenges Paula to a 2 on 1 armwrestling match. Paula is  amused as the two men attempt to take her on at the same
time. Watch how Paula got the job done while leaving a trail of hurt egos along her path, proving that she can take on any
man who's crazy enough to challenge her strength.
NEW! - Paula's Ultimate ArmWrestling Video
w/HD Flexing Bonus
Includes: 2 on 1 Armwrestling!
19 min 38 sec Armwrestling Video
5 minute Hi-Res Flexing/Posing Video
(Free Bonus!)
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--Free Bonus--
Paula's Flexing and Posing Video in Hi-Res!
Paula treats us to a professional Flexing and Posing routine showing off
her sexy and  massive muscle definition.  So good that we had to film this
in a higher resolution than usual!!
5 minute Flexing/Posing Video
FREE! (with purchase of Paula's Ultimate Armwrestling Video)