Welcome to Piping Hot Piper's Page!
Hi I'm Piper, I'm Strong, I'm Sexy, I'm Confident , and I'm Piping HOT and I know I
am perfect for this site.  Just wait till you see how I beat the the Wimpy Webmaster
in Armwrestling and then Lifted and Carried him around the park!
NEW! - Piper's Armwrestling Tryout Video
w/ Lift and Carry,  Bicep Pull-down, and Mercy!
A very sexy and very busty girl named Piper issues an armwrestling challenge to the wimpy webmaster
that he cant refuse.   Can she possibly be as strong as she is HOT? Absolutely!  Already in a weakened state
from staring at Piper's cleavage, the webmaster is thoroughly overpowered by this busty beauty.  And if that
wasn't enough she also beats him in a game of mercy and then lift and carries him to really show him her
strength.  Lifts include piggyback, back to back piggyback, cradle, and leg press!
19 min 40 sec Armwrestling Tryout Video
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