Welcome to Quadzilla's Page!
Hi, I'm Quadzilla, the power lifter. See why they call me ruler of all quads!! I met the Webmaster at
the park where he he was impressed by how muscular my quads and biceps are. He said I could
be a model on his site but wanted to put me through a strength test first in order to be sure I was
as strong as I look. He had no idea what he was getting himself into. I was happy and proud to
show off just how strong I really am. I knew all along that my muscular and strong quads would
easily overpower him and any other man who doubts my strength. The webmaster was no
challenge for me as I can easily lift and carry a 180 pound man!!  I work out in the gym all day lifting
and leg pressing weights, this keeps my quads and biceps in peak muscular condition. I'll take on
any man who doubts my strength but I wouldn't dare if I were you.
Quadzilla shows Wimpy Webmaster just how strong and powerful she really is. Wimpy doesn't doubt Quadzilla's muscularity, but he puts her strength to
the test during her tryout. You will see why Quadzilla got her name as she easily proves to Wimpy that she is more than qualified to be on his site as they
do Lifts (including PIGGY BACK, BACK TO BACK, OVER THE SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S CARRY) and LEG PRESS!! Quadzilla does very impressive donkey CALF
RAISES. As if Poor Wimpy hasn't had enough, he tests Quadzilla in Abs PUNCHING only to find out that his delicate hand couldn't handle her tough abs.
Wimpy tests her bicep strength with ARM-WRESTLING, and game of MERCY.  Quadzilla quickly learns that Wimpy doesn't know when to give up even
when he is completely overpowered by a strong woman. Quadzilla finally shows Wimpy how she earned her name. She relentlessly squeezes his head
and body with her amazingly strong and deadly quads as she SCISSORS him!! Hopefully for Wimpy's sake, he won't ever doubt her strength again!!
Quadzilla is enjoying a pleasant afternoon at home when she is suddenly interrupted by a burglar.
Quadzilla shows no fear and makes the burglar quickly realize he chose the wrong house to break in
to. Quadzilla is able to hold the burglar down while waiting for the police to arrive. Quadzilla
SCISSORS the thief into submission. He begs her to let go but she pays no attention as he struggles
to be released from her powerful hold. Her head and body SCISSOR holds are so strong that he even
starts looking for the police to arrive in order to get released from her powerful grip!! See how
Quadzilla helps fight crime as she teaches this burglar a lesson he will never forget!!
Quadzilla's Tryout Video
(Flexing, Armwrestling, Lift/Carry, Bicep Pull-down, Mercy, Head/Body Scissoring, Abs Punching, and more!)
30 minute 44 sec Tryout Video
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9 minute Scissor Video
Link to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Quadzilla's Scissor the Burglar Video
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Quadzilla's Armwrestling Video
Quadzilla's Flexing Video
Quadzilla shows off (as she deserves to) her amazingly
strong quads and biceps. Watch Quadzilla FLEX and POSE
for her fans in her quad hugging shorts and sexy, high heels.
This video will leave you in awe of her awesome physique!!!
Return of the powerful Quadzilla!! Wimpy invited Quadzilla back for an Arm-Wrestling competition. He
admits to her that he wouldn't even dare do challenges involving her quads as he didn't want to risk his life
again as he did during her Tryout.Wimpy challenges Quadzilla to an ARM-WRESTLING match as he felt
humiliated being beat by a girl during her Tryout. Quadzilla accepts Wimpy's challenge. Wimpy immediately
gets distracted by Quazdilla's bicep hugging long sleeve shirt and bulging quads!! Quadzilla confidently
knows that she is no match for poor Wimpy so she allows him to cheat in various ways including allowing
Wimpy to only use two fingers against his entire hand. How humiliating for Wimpy!!! Quadzilla can't help but
show off and flex her biceps as Wimpy is recovering from his feeble attempts to beat her
3 min 44 sec  Flexing Video

FREE! (with purchase of
Quadzilla's Armwrestling Video)
12 min 8 sec Armwrestling Video
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Quadzilla's Worship Me Video
Quadzilla is BACK!  BIGGER AND STRONGER and she
wants to be worshipped!  Thats right, just stare and
worship as she stands in front of you with her hands on
her hips - PROUD CONFIDENT and full well knowing she
owns you!  Just wait in anticipation to when she flexes
those huge biceps and just wait till she gives you a
close-up of her massive quads.  Just imagine what it
would be like to be trapped between them!
5 min 13 sec Flexing Video (73MB) mp4 format
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NEW! - Quadzilla's Squeeze and Crush Video
Quadzilla feels like crushing things today and
unfortunately your head isn't available so she finds
objects around her house to use to take her
aggressions out.  Imagine its your head as she uses
her massive quads to squeeze and crush an
oversized pillow, empty cereal boxes, plastic Orange
Juice bottle, and a bag of Fritos Corn Chips!
6 minute Video (94MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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