Welcome to Queme's Page!
Hi guys, so cool to be here with you!! I had a blast with my interview
online and just couldn't believe how much fun it would be to show off
my muscle and physique!! I've done some power lifting and I go to the
gym at least four days a week. I am so glad to be able to pump and flex
my muscle and biceps in front of my webcam from home for all the fans
to see! Looking forward to meeting the Webmaster and doing more
videos in person one day, and until then, I'm sure you'll like what you
13 minute video (171MB)  mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
NEW! - Queme's Interview Audition Video
Does she have the Biceps and body to join all the amazing, super and strong models on the site??? You bet
she does and more!! Queme is an ultra confident strong woman with a body and physique second to none! She
proves herself worthy to join the awesome models as she's interviewed via the web by the Webmaster,
impressing him more than he ever expected to be! She flexes and poses, with popping bicep flexes-which
brings out amazing shoulder muscle separation and dumbbell curling with greatest of ease! Queme also
submits a selfie-flexing video which is surely an impressive grand finale to the video!!
Her hard work at the gym certainly shows with her super pumped, biceps, flat-washboard abs and more!!  The
Pandemic may keep the Webmaster from doing in-person shoots but luckily, it can't keep the amazing muscle
models from joining the site for all to admire!!
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