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Randi's Mini-Tryout Video
includes Bicep Flexing/Popping, Armwrestling, and Scissoring
The Webmaster introduces Randi, an awesome woman who he met working out at his hotelís gym. She
was surprised to learn that thereís an entire world of people who admire muscle, especially biceps!! Sheí
s not only got amazing looking biceps but she proves sheís strong too by passing all her strength tests
as her biceps pop  each one, including: ARMWRESTLING and BICEP PULLDOWN. She FLEXES and POSES
like a true natural as she learns exactly what the fans like to see. Also includes a surprise, SCISSOR-
HOLD TEST where Randi shows all that her leg strength is on par with her bicep strength, as she
squeezes the webmaster to the point that he simply canít escape her pyrhon like grip, proving without a
doubt that sheís got it all from head to toe!!
22 min 27 sec Video (843MB) mp4 format
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Hi, Iím Randi. Iím a down to earth person who likes to have fun and
enjoy every moment of each day!! I was pretty excited to learn that
fans on the site really admire women like me who have confidence
and muscle. My biceps are surprisingly large for my petite frame
which Iím really proud of. Iím sure youíll enjoy my video as I really
enjoyed working with the webmaster and hope to do more in the
future too!!
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Featuring Randi's ROCK-HARD RIGHT-ARM BICEP PEAK that has to be seen to be believed!
NEW! - Randi's CarFlex Video
Randi's amazing biceps are back in a special Flex and Drive video.  The webmaster and Randi
are on theie way to pick up a bite to eat when Wimpy decides to encourage Randi to do a little
flexing in the car for her bicep-loving fans!  After they eat, they come outside and Randi does a
little more flexing as she knows her fans can never get enough of that amazing pop!
7 min 26 sec Video (296MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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