Welcome to Rennadel's Page!
Hi guys, I'm Rennadel and it's so cool being here on
the site. I love having fun and meeting the webmaster
was awesome!! I'm so glad to be on the site, showing
off my phsique
NEW! - Rennadel's Flex and ArmWrestle Video
Rennadel's beauty drew the webmaster in and her surprising biceps wowed him more than words could
describe!! She's got great glutes too which is evident as she dances and twerks in a contest for all to
admire.  She flexes and poses, bringing out her muscle and strength which becomes evident after a
warm up of BICEP PULLDOWN  and then put to the test with ARMWRESTLING including: RIGHTY, LEFTY,
giving the webmaster a TWO-HANDED advantage and only using her TWO FINGERS, all while her sexy hot
physique leaves the webmaster weak, speechless and completely distracted!! She celebrates with
victorious pec flexing!  Welcome to the site Rennadel!
15 min 39 sec Video (559MB)
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