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Rheta West's Page!
NEW! - Rheta West's Interview and Flexing Audition Video
Rheta meets online with the webmaster in an interview/audition in which we get to know her and all she
does to get one of the most incredible, big and powerful physiques you’ve ever seen on the site. She looks
tough on the outside with an unexpected friendly and fun-outgoing personality. When she flexes her
enormous biceps and gigantic, rock-hard quads she brings silence to all!! Her confidence about her
strength, is well-deserved and immediately obvious from the moment you see her. You can almost feel her
power come though the screen to all the fans who are lucky to experience her presence.
Rheta FLEXES her amazing, one of a kind-physique (including her BICEPS and QUADS which you wouldn’t
want to ever get caught between) which she highlights with different POSES for all to worship and admire.
She expects you to stare and nothing else because you’ll simply be stopped in your tracks the moment you
lay eyes on her!! Look up the definition of “POWERFUL” and you’ll see her name!!
18 min 49 sec Video (188MB) mp4 format
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See and Learn more about her at www.bossbitchx.com
I'm a strong independent woman proud of her physique. I want to get
as big as I possibly can. An all time world record holder powerlifter, an
IFBB Pro in Bodybuilding. My best squat: 705, bench: 445, deadlift: 525
Biceps 17", Quads 26"
My goal is to weigh over 200 at 12-15% bodyfat. Currently 180

Thank you for your appreciation for who I am and what I offer!!
17" Biceps  26" Quads!!