Welcome to Farmgirl Robin's Page!
Hi I'm Robin, I'm just a tattooed gym rat who enjoys
farming, eating tacos, lifting heavy, and making money!
When I saw this site I knew I was made for this. I love
showing people how strong I am and  I've been flexing
my muscles for my friends my entire adult life but this
is the first time anyone ever offered to pay me for it!  I
can't wait to do more videos for you guys and who
knows, you may even see lift and and carry a few of
my friends!
NEW! - Robin's Interview Audition Video
11 min 24 sec Video (186MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
When the Wimpy Webmaster started his live zoom audition with a Country Girl named Robin, he
thought she might have possibilities to be a VideoTeasing model but it was when she struck the  
double-bicep pose, Wimpy knew for sure that this was a special kind of woman.  Adding to her
amazing muscle was her supreme confidence in talking about her strength and how she can easily
intimidate a guy.  And if all this wasn't enough, Robin showed off a little of her pec flexing talents
which totally left Wimpy speechless.   A short flexing video that Robin submitted on her own
concludes this special audition video!  Congratulations to our newest VT model!
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