Welcome to Rugby Ronnie's Page!
Hi I'm Ronnie and I love playing Rugby so I am definitely a strong girl for
real.  Passing the Webmaster's strength tests really wasn't much of a
challenge for me as I grew up beating girls (and guys) down armwrestling
and Lift and Carrying people is what I do for fun anyways!
NEW! - Ronnie's Tryout Video
Lift/Carry, Armwresting, Abs Punching, Mercy, Bicep Pulldown, Tug of War, and more!
26 min 25 sec Tryout Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Webmaster is always on the lookout for girls in the gym who pump iron and he finds one such girl in Ronnie who he offers a
VideoTeasing Strength Tryout to - which she accepts.  It isn't long before Ronnie's strength is confirmed as she's hoisting
Wimpy over her shoulder, piggy back, cradle, and pressing him with her monster strong legs!   She then moves on to easily
defeating Wimpy in Armwrestling even while he's cheating before passing all his other tests including Bicep Pull-down,
Mercy, Tug of War, and Abs Punching.  At the end, Ronnie carries exhausted Wimpy off to bed before coming back to do
some victory flexes while promising that she's only going to get bigger and stronger!
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