Welcome to Brazilian Biceps Rose's Page!
Ola, I'm Rose from Brazil. I'm a figure champion and very
strong. I'm an Arnold Classic figure pro.  I take care of my
body and I am proud of my biceps,figure and to be strong.
Very nice to meet you all.
NEW! -  Rose's Bicep Flex and Armwrestle Video
The webmaster is scouting new recruits at a Tampa pro show. The place is crawling with beautiful and strong women but his strict
standards only allow the best of the best to make the cut. He comes across a contender for the site named Rose from Brazil. She
doesn't speak much English but bicep strength and beauty, is a universal language everyone understands. She's able to show the  
webmaster that she's truly strong, and for sure, deserving of her Arnold Classic figure division pro championship  title. The Webmaster
puts her to the test to see if her strength matches her amazing biceps. She's smiles and has fun as they ARM WRESTLE while he
struggles to put her rock hard biceps down. His biceps disappear behind hers as they COMPARE BICEPS which don't budge during the
quick pulldown test. Rose's large male bodybuilder friend takes her on and even he can't put her down even with the webmaster's help.
Her biceps are second to none and amazingly impressive. She FLEXES in victory needing no words to show off her amazing strength.
As an added scene, Rose quickly lifts her 200 pound male friend straight up for a few seconds leaving all speechless!  
11min  15sec Video
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