Welcome to Rock-Hard Roxy's Page!
Hi, I'm Roxy, I'm just your cute all-american girl who likes to have fun and
hanging out with friends.  I do work out a lot  although I never thought I'd be
auditioning for a female muscle website, but I figured why not give it a shot.  I
consider my most muscular feature my abs and calves, but definitely working
on those bi's.  If you guys like me, maybe I could do some lift and carries with
my friends for my next video and show off a bit of my strength.
10 min 22 sec Flexing Video
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NEW! - Roxanne's Audition/Flexing Video
Roxy, very much the girl-next-door type, in her first flexing video, proudly shows off her very toned physique.
Her biceps and legs are impressive but it was the muscle definition she had when she flexed her rock-hard
abs that really blew us away!   Even through her t-shirt, you could see her 6-pack when she flexes!
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