Welcome to Rozella's Page!
Hi, I'm Rozella, a female bodybuilder who's very proud of my muscular
physique. I'd say I'm most proud of my biceps. Despite what you may
believe, I wasn't born with this awesome and muscular body. I've been
working very hard in the gym and I eat a very healthy diet.  My height
might be petite but my biceps certainly aren't.  Nothing will ever stop me
from accomplishing my dream of showing that women of all sizes can do
anything they put their minds to without compromising their femininity.
Rozella's Armwrestling Video
with Mercy, Bicep Comparison and Bicep Pull-Down!
10 minute Armwrestling Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Rozella, a petite muscular physique competitor catches the webmasters eye at a bodybuilding show. Rozella is obviously a standout. Her
biceps are amazing and almost too large to be true! The webmaster challenges Rozella to an armwrestling match and she's more than happy
to take him on. Before they begin, the webmaster compares his bicep size to hers and as his disappeared behind hers, it should of been a clue
to him what he was up against. Rozella's arms don't budge during the matches. Right handed, left handed, and even the webmaster's cheating
schemes didn't help him put Rozella's strong muscular biceps down! As a last ditch effort to gain his manhood back, the webmaster attempts
to beat Rozella in "his game" of mercy but her arms prove to be super strong and before he knows it, he can't help but feel humiliated as he
goes down!  Rozella has fun proving she's strong for real and the webmaster immediately has no choice but to swallow his pride and admit that
Rozella is in fact, strong for real. Watch Rozella's biceps bulge and pop as she proudly does victory muscle flexing for her fans.
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