Welcome to Schoolgirl Ryder's Page!
Hi guys, my name is Ryder. I'm so excited to be on the site. I'm a typical
American girl who likes to play sports. I've always enjoyed hanging out with
my brother and the neighborhood boys. I always got a kick whenever I
surprised them by beating them while we played games. I'm proud of my
figure and I admit that my feminine physique is my secret weapon. I'm looking
forward to getting many new fans. I'm sure you'll enjoy my videos.
NEW! - Ryder's Tryout Video
(Includes Bicep Pulldown, Lift & Carry, Flexing/Posing/Teasing, Abs Punching,  Armwrestling,Game of
Mercy, Head and Body Scissor and more!)

Included Bonus-Two-on-One Schoolgirl Armwrestling match. Watch Ryder take the boys down!
Ryder sends an audition video to the webmaster. She's cute and sexy and she can't wait to show him that she has everything it takes to be a
model on the site. She's attractive but he needs to put her through a strength tryout to make sure she's VT model quality. Ryder admits that
she's not the most muscular girl but she's confident that she's strong enough to pass the tryout. As the Arm-Wrestling challenge begins, Ryder
uses her "secret weapons" which distract and weaken the webmaster. To the webmaster's surprise, Ryder passes the BICEP PULLDOWN,
ARM-to-ARM tug of war and game of MERCY tests. She also proves her ABS are strong enough to handle any punch!!  Ryder shows that she is
strong for real, by PIGGY BACKING, BACK-TO-BACK PIGGY BACK, CRADLE CARRYING and LEG PRESSING the webmaster. As a final test, the
webmaster puts Ryder through a HEAD and BODY SCISSOR test. Little does he know, that she has a special sexy school-girl, scissoring outfit
which puts her at an advantage.

Included Bonus: Ryder has so much fun that she wants a two-on-one arm wrestling match between her boyfriend, the webmaster and her. The
boys think she's in over her head but they go along with it anyway. Ryder proves she can handle both guys even if it means she has to use her
special distraction techniques. You'll see for yourself why the boys began to feel weak which allowed Ryder to take on both boys with ease.  
35 minute Tryout Video
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