NEW! - Sage's Mini-Tryout Video
(w/Flexing, Armwrestling, Mercy, Scissoring and more!
Welcome to Sweet Sage's page!
Hi, I'm Sage. So cool to meet all of you. I'm a petite powerhouse and I'm full
of energy. I've been fit and athletic my entire life and having this venue to
show it off is totally awesome!! I really enjoyed Arm Wrestling the
Webmaster along with surprising him with my Scissor squeeze strength!! I
like when people are shocked by my strength and I certainly did that here.
Thanks for being part of the fun and can't wait to do more for all the fans
who support the site in the future. In the meantime, sit back and be awed by
what this small package, with popping muscle can really do!!
14 min 38 sec (594MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
The Webmaster's trained eye catches a cutie working out in the gym. With looks like a doll, Sweet Sage is up for the
challenge to show off her amazing fit physique to earn herself a well-deserved spot on the site. She immediately
impresses as she FLEXES and POSES her awesome biceps. Surprise....she's got that POP and more!! Watch as she
easily proves she's not only very pretty but she's very fit and strong also! Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN, GAME OF
MERCY, and ABS PUNCHING. She shines during the ARM WRESTLING challenge where they go RIGHTY, LEFTY, and
even his cheating using TWO-HANDS against her ONE HAND without any luck on his part! Her final challenge comes as
he asks to test her leg strength. She's sweet but her quads definitely can do some damage as she shows as she
SCISSORS his neck to the point of seeing her in his dreams. Looks like she can certainly keep up with the other
strong and fit models on the site and she certainly earned it. Welcome Sage....we are so glad to have you and can't
wait to do more awesome videos, gracing us with your beauty and amazing strength.
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