Welcome to Super Sally's Page!
Hi, I'm Sally. I'm a confident woman and proud of my
physique. My height and strength have always been an
advantage for me. My strongest feature are my legs
which helped me prove that I'm strong and fit to be a
model on VideoTeasing.com. Be sure to tell the
webmaster you want to see more of me and I'll be glad to
make more videos for all my fans.
Sally surprisingly shows the Webmaster that she's not just a tall beauty but strong too. She shows up for
a tryout and sails through it like a champ. Tests include: BICEP PULLDOWN, ARMWRESTLING (Righty,
Lefty, Wimpy cheating with Two-Hands), MERCY, ABS PUNCHING, LIFT & CARRIES including (Piggy Back,
Back-To-Back, Cradle, Leg Press and Donkey Calf Lifts). Sally surprises the Webmaster with her super
leg strength as she locks and squeezes his body and head in a SCISSORHOLD, sealing the deal and
earning the newest spot on the site.

Sally's Scissor Behind the Scenes Bonus:
100% REAL. Sally puts the pressure on the Webmaster's neck and body to see how much of her strength
he can take for real. Very impressive!
NEW! - Sally's Tryout Video w/BTS Scissor Bonus
26 minute Tryout Video
3 minute BTS Scissor Bonus
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