Welcome to Samantha Grace's Page!
Hi Guys, I'm Samantha Grace. I may look sweet and innocent but I'm seductive
with a bit of a naughty side. The webmaster had no idea what he was getting
himself into when he dared me to prove I was good enough for his site. I'm used
to taking charge of wimpy guys and putting the webmaster in his place was the
highlight of my day! Come watch to see how I made a grown man become putty
in my hands (or better said my biceps, legs and chest!) I'm very excited to make
lots of new fans from the site and after getting to know me, you'll wonder how in
the world the webmaster was silly enough to doubt my strength!
The webmaster spots a cute sexy woman at a networking modeling event. Like a magnet, her beauty and physique draws him in. Her name
is Samantha Grace, a famous model/actress. He likes the way she looks and she wants to tryout for the site but he's not convinced she's
strong enough but she convinces him to give her a mini tryout after admitting her little secret of being an olympic lifter. She immediately goes
into action and sweeps him off his feet and teaching him a lesson for doubting her. All the while, the webmaster is very distracted by her
chest and his professionalism goes out the door! LIFTS include:  Piggy Back, Back-To-Back, Over the Shoulder and Leg Press. Her proven
lifting strength peaks the webmaster's curiosity and he challenges her to pass his armwrestling test. He ends up speechless after they go at
it right handed, left handed but he only gets weaker while making excuses that her chest was distracting him! The webmaster tries to gain
his manhood back but ends up being humiliated in his own game of MERCY all while Samantha Grace wears her high heels!  Watch to see
how Samantha Grace's confidence, strength and sexiness earned herself a much deserved place on VT!
Samantha Grace's Mini-Tryout Video
w/Lift and Carry, Armwrestling, and Mercy
19 min 20 sec Video
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The webmaster runs into one of his famous models, Samantha Grace. Her physique is certainly impressive and she's ready for the webmaster's
challenge to see if she's even stronger and more fit than last year!! After they head to the gym to do a little dumbell curling, it's obvious, just not to
him that she's got the winning muscle. During the ARM-WRESTLING challenge. He tries and fails to put her down any way he can....righty, lefty, his
two hands against her one hand and even his entire hand against her two fingers, but he can't win!  Her core muscle strength and famous "big
booby PEC FLEXING" understandably make him weak! He just can't focus and she enjoys being in control!! Also included: BICEP PULLDOWN and
MERCY. Samantha shows off her amazing leg strength doing lifts including: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, FIREMAN'S, LEG PRESS and DONKEY
CALF RAISES (with the 180 pound webmaster on her back!) As the energetic Samantha eagerly waits for the next challenge they're pleasantly
interrupted by a beauty named "Miss Luna" who wants to join the fun. She jumps right in and gets lifted by Samantha Grace who shows her the
ropes including: PIGGY BACK, CRADLE, LEG-PRESS and BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER). Miss Luna sets up her own tryout. (which can be
seen in another video on VideoTeasing.com) Samantha is ready to finish the webmaster off with her strong thighs squeezing his neck. He doubts
her strength but soon learns she was right as her powerful thighs took his breath away!! Samantha Grace is the name, and don't you forget it!!
NEW! - Samantha Grace's Gym Domination Video
32 min 48 sec Video
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