Welcome to Sandra's Page!
Hi, Iím Sandra. Iím very proud of my physique and I have to say that Iím
most proud of my Biceps. I often attract the attention of others as many
people come up to me, wanting to touch them in admiration and awe.
When the webmaster challenged me I knew there really was no contest,
but unfortunately he learned the hard way that I really am as strong as I
look. I love to lift weights and build my muscles while also maintaining my
feminine physique.  I eat right and work out at the gym all the time. Iím
proof that a woman can be strong and feminine.
NEW! - Sandra's Flexing and Armwrestling Video
with Game of Mercy and Bicep Pull-Down Challenges!
19 min 37 sec Flexing Armrestling Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
The Webmaster meets Sandra during a fitness show. He knows she would be perfect for his site. He sees she is
muscular, beautiful and portrays much confidence. The Webmaster wants to show his fans his newest discovery.
Sandra is happy and proud to show her muscular and feminine physique to the VT fans (she knows sheís hot!!) Watch as
Sandra flexes her BICEPS and impresses the Webmaster during an ARMWRESTLING competition and game of MERCY.
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