Welcome to Scarlett Squeeze's Page!
Hi, I'm Scarlett and I was recently motivated to working out again when the
Webmaster of this site challenged me to get in the kind of shape necessary
to be a VideoTeasing Girl.  I think he doubted I could do it at first but I know I
impressed at my Tryout. I even surprised myself when I saw how strong my
legs have gotten and that I was  able to squeeze him unconscious. It was so
much fun I think I am now becoming addicted to squeezing people's heads
between my legs.  I guess that's why they now call me Scarlett Squeeze!
Scarlett's Tryout Video
(Armwrestling, Piggyback, Leg Press Abs Punching, and Scissoring!)
15 minute Tryout Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
After the initial interview, The wimpy webmaster was really surprised to see the kind of shape
Scarlett got into for her Tryout video, but her strength still had to be tested before she could become a
VT girl.  She wound up overpowering him in Armwrestling and easily passing many of his other tests,
but it was Scarlett's Leg Scissors that really blew Wimpy away.  Turned out, Scarlett got a bit carried
away and took it a little too far almost making poor Wimpy pass out!
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