Welcome to Serena's Page!
Hi fans, I’m Serena. I’m a fitness competitor and feel right at home
here. Didn’t take long for my strength to prove that I can take on
any challenge but more so, I had a great time doing it!! I’m working
hard each day to grow and define my muscle and I can’t wait to
prove it on the stage too!!  I never give up and always make sure
to have fun along the way. Can’t wait for you all to enjoy my
videos and hope to do more in the future.
NEW! - Serena's Tryout Video
Serena introduces herself and her biceps which she’s growing to get ready for an upcoming fitness competition. Her goal
is to get her biceps to be mountains and she’s excited for the fans to watch them grow in front of your eyes!! She’s proud
and confident and ready to show them off!! Her Biceps are impressive but her Glutes and Legs are the stars of the show
which you will see during her big reveal!! Her Quads and Glutes are rock-solid and dangerous if anyone gets caught in their
strong hold!! She’s certainly ready for her tryout....but can the Webmaster take the heat? This audition video was so
impressive, the webmaster immediately knew she would have to be scheduled for an official in-person strength tryout!
24 minute Tryout video (938MB) mp4 format
7 min 17 sec Audition Video (252MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Today’s the day of Serena’s tryout and she’s ready to put her strength on display to show she’s got what it takes to be an official VT
model on the site!! Her confidence is through the roof and she’s ready to go!! She immediately leaves the Webmaster tongue-tied after he
does an official inspection he realizes her physique isn’t just impressive but that she’s amazingly strong too!! Includes: BICEP
COMPARISON, BICEP PULLDOWN, and MERCY (all, while wearing her sexy-high heels!) Also includes: ARM WRESTLING, where They go
Righty, Lefty and even his two hands against her one hand, leaving him exhausted and humiliated!! A surprise, 100 percent REAL match
is held between Serena and the Webmaster where they both give it their FULL STRENGTH, where she puts him down without much of a
fight!!  Her ABS are tested also where she easily takes a punch without even flinching!! Full of energy, she LIFTS him several ways
including: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, and LEG PRESS like a pro!!   Her final test really highlights her awesome strength as her strong
legs squeeze him in a hold that is just too much for him to handle!! She has so much fun, she insists on doing a REVERSE SCISSOR HOLD
which gives the webmaster a nice view of her glutes but not for long as he refuses to tap out and quickly sees stars after submitting to
her strength!! Serena proudly poses over his weak body and celebrates being crowned the newest model on the site!
NEW! - Serena's Auditon Video
Serena's Audition AND Tryout in One Video Package!!!
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