Welcome to Shanti the Sexy Yogi's Page!
Hi my name is Shanti and my goal is to show the world how sexy  yoga
moves can be in the hands of a strong beautiful confident woman.  I did
certain things in my audition video that you probably have never seen
before and will most definitely not ever forget!!
Shanti's Audition/Flexing Video
11 min 48 sec Audition/Flexing Video (Webcam Quality)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Shanti, one of the most flexible girls on VideoTeasing combines her flexiblity with her muscle,
strength, and  gorgeous look to do one of the most unique and sexiest audition videos.
She has amazing biceps, abs, and calf definition combined with eye-popping glutes that she is
very proud to show off.  But her amazing talents lie in her flexibility from years of yoga training.  
Stroking her peaked biceps with her foot is just one of many incredible talents that she shows
off in this video.  After seeing this video, you will be begging for more from this special woman.
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NEW! - Shanti's 3 in 1 Video
11 min 36 sec  Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
After a long absence, Shanti is back with a body that is tighter and toner than
ever! (along with a couple of nice enhancements!).  This video is actually 3
videos in 1 each with a different look, but all showing off her amazing physique
and fun and quirky personality!  One of the best combinations of femininity,
flexibility and muscularity you'll ever see!