Welcome to Sharri's Page!
Hi fans, I'm Sharri. I love being strong and can lift just about anything,
including the 180 pound webmaster!!! I had a great time working with
him and am looking forward to doing more videos in the future
Sharri, a fan of VideoTeasing and a weight lifter, convinces the webmaster to give her a tryout at a fitness expo. She's
confident and eager to prove she's got what it takes to be on the site. He's doubtful at first but after she gives him a
taste of her strength lifting a very heavy barbell that he could barely get off the floor, he gives her a chance with
tests including: BICEP PULLDOWN, MERCY, ARM WRESTLING (righty, lefty, two-handed) which she passes with ease.
She highlights her strength with the LIFT & CARRY portion of the tryout including (PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, and
OVER THE SHOULDER) while pleasantly surprising the webmaster of her strength. Watch this video to see how she
seals the deal with her energy and strength proving she truly deserves to be on the site.
NEW! - Sharri's Mini-Tryout Video
15 min 44 sec Video
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