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NEW! - Sheeba's Tryout Video w/Flexing Bonus
(Armwrestling, Abs Punching, Bicep Pull-Down, Game of Mercy, Lift and Carry,
Head Scissoring, and more!)
Hi, I'm Sheeba.  I'm a Tall, Strong, Dominant  Woman who has always
been used to getting her way.  I've been worshipped my whole life by
boys like you.  I can make any man stop in their tracks and turn, simply
by walking down the street.  You should have seen that wimpy
webmaster's reaction when I showed up to his open auditions in my
Amazonian Bikini outfit!
Sheeba's Flexing Video in Hi-Res
Some unbelievable sexy flexing and teasing
done by Sheeba.  She knows that she's hot
and she knows what you like!
The webmaster's jaw almost hit the floor when a woman named Sheeba showed up at his door for a
VideoTeasing tryout.  This statuesque beauty then proceeds to repeatedly ARMWRESTLE poor
Wimpy into submission before defeating him in a GAME OF MERCY.  Laughing throughout, Sheeba lets
Wimpy do a Pull-up on her FLEXED BICEP (even though the official challenge was to see if the Bicep
could be pulled down.)  Sheeba then really gets into showing off her strength by LIFTING and
CARRYING the 175 pound webmaster over her shoulder like he was a feather! (She also does
piggybacks, cradles, and leg presses).  ABS PUNNCHING then follows as she continues to laugh at
Wimpy's feeble punnching attempts!  Wimpy's demise comes at the end when he can't take his eyes
off Sheeba's Legs.  Sheeba notices this and shows him what happens to boys who stare at her legs
a bit too long as she applies the most devastating SCISSOR HOLD you've ever seen!  Tryout Passed!!
4 min 44 sec Flexing Video
FREE! (with purchase of Sheeba's
Tryout Video)
30 min 29 sec Tryout Video w/Bonus
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