Welcome to Shredded Sher's Page!
Hi, I'm Sher, a figure competitor. I'm fun spirited and make fitness a priority in my
life. I'm proud of my physique, especially my biceps. I'm always shocking people
who don't expect a feminine woman such as myself to be carrying such a pair of cut
biceps. Eating right and my dedication in the gym is the key to my amazing
physique. Meeting the Webmaster at a fitness show was great!. I never knew that
beating a man in armwrestling and carrying a woman on my shoulders would be so
much fun!  
NEW! - Sher's Mini Tryout Video w/BTS extra!
The Webmaster along with one of VT's newest models, Hardbody Harley  are at a fitness show recruiting new models for the site. Harley spots a fit woman
named Sher with awesome biceps. She appears to be perfect for the site, but the webmaster puts her through a few tests to make sure she deserves to be
one of his models. Strength tests include: BICEP PULLDOWN, MERCY and ARMWRESTLING. Sher proves she's strong for real by LIFTING & CARRYING Harley!
She lifts her PIGGY BACK and does a JAW-DROPPING SHOULDER RIDE lift with Harley!! Watch this video and you'll be amazed at this woman's physique
(including her biceps and abs)  and overall strength!! Welcome Sher to VideoTeasing.
Included Bonus: Go Behind the Scenes and see what happens when the Webmaster explains what will be going on in video and tests Sher's strength for REAL!
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18 min 22 sec video
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