Welcome to Shotgirl's Page!
Hi, I surprised the webmaster with my strength and I never
believed I would have so much fun!! I meet a lot of people
working at the bar but I'd certainly say this was a great, eye
opening experience. Who knows...maybe I'll switch careers
and I'll go from ShotGirl to MuscleGirl on the site!!
NEW! - Shotgirl's Flex and Armwrestle Video
Oh my...this girl has amazing muscle and the webmaster certainly had a stroke of good luck when he
found her serving up shots in a hotel bar!!! She flexes to bring out her amazing bicep pop which warms
her up to prove her strength in an armwrestling match with the webmaster. She's attractive with a great
physique and quickly proves she's strong also. They go Righty, Lefty and she even takes him on as he
uses both hands!! After watching her video, you'll surely agree that she deserves a promotion from
being a shot girl to showing off her muscle and strength!!
6 min 30 sec Video (258MB)
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