Welcome to Shzanna's Page!
Hi, I'm Shzanna. I'm a model / dancer and I love what I do. My specialty is
pole dancing which is a big hit with my fans. No one ever expects a cute
girl to be so athletic and strong but once they see what I can do, they're
amazed. Working on the pole builds my biceps, abs and legs! I'm so glad I
ran into the webmaster. VT is the perfect place for me to show that not
only am I sexy, but I'm strong too! I'm looking forward to making new
fans. I'm sure you'll like what you see.
Shzanna, a gorgeous sexy girl puts on a show stopping poledance performance at a modeling convention. Shzanna's legs and
biceps are super strong and can hold herself upside down! The webmaster pulls her aside to do a private flexing shoot which
drew the attention of a crowd! He attempts to take her on in armwrestling but she quickly shows that her biceps can put him
down even as she uses only two fingers and also makes him go down in his own game of MERCY! Shzanna proves she's truly
strong when she takes the webmaster on in a few 100% REAL strength games including: scissoring, leg press and an
armwrestling match. She shocks the webmaster who never expected someone so sexy to be so strong in real life! Watch this
video and you'll see why Shzanna is one of the most amazing VT models you've ever seen!
Shzanna's Poledance, Flex, Armwrestle, and REAL Strength Video
23 minute Video
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Shzanna's as beautiful and strong as ever in this video! She had so much fun kicking Wimpy's butt last year and can't wait to
torture his ego again. She's so hot she draws a crowd as she flexes and poses in her sexy bikini. She pumps up her biceps at the
gym and is ready to go!! She has fun doing a bicep comparison and an arm wrestling match to refresh Wimpy's memory on her
great strength!! She's not only proud of her upper bicep strength, but she's proud of her strong legs also which she proves are
amazingly strong by squeezing his neck & body until he just can't take it anymore. Shzanna had a great time showing off her
strength and physique and although she may have tortured Wimpy a little, he may of enjoyed it just a bit too much!!!
NEW! - Shzanna's Flex, Pose, Armwrestle and Scissor Video
15 min 25 sec Video
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