Welcome to Skye's Page!
Hi, I'm Skye. I am so glad the Webmaster watched and liked my
audition video. I've always been proud of my physique. I love
surprising people with my strength, especially those that think
girls can't be strong and sexy. I'm looking forward to pleasing
the fans by giving them what they want.  I hope you enjoy my
NEW! - Skye's Flex and Carry Audition Video
Skye is proud to show why she deserves to be on the site. She knows you'll like watching her show off her fit physique, especially
her muscular biceps. She's proud, confident, and sexy!! She dares you to armwrestle her but watch out because she loves
making the boys lose. Her biceps attract you into their spell of perfection. Go ahead....kiss those biceps!! While her biceps are the
star of the show, Skye shows that not only is she sexy, but she's in peak physical condition. She'll squeeze your head and body
with her powerful legs if you get too close! She shows how strong she is as she LIFTS and CARRIES (piggyback style) her
cameraman boyfriend, proving she's strong for real!  You'll see why as soon as the webmaster watched Skye's audition video,
she landed herself a spot on VideoTeasing.
11 min 39 sec Flex and Carry Video
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