Welcome to Sammi and Sue's page
(The Soccer Sisters!)
Hey Fans, we're Sammi and Sue. We're sisters and best friends.
We're on a college soccer team and take fitness very seriously
while being sure to include fun into the mix. It's great that we are
on the site together and can proudly show off our muscle and
strength!! We had a blast meeting the Webmaster and we hope that
you'll have fun watching our videos!! Looking forward to more in
the future for our new and loyal fans!!
The Soccer Sisters Tryout Video
25 minute video (987MB) mp4 format
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It's a beautiful day for recruiting and the Webmaster strikes luck finding college soccer players practicing in the field. The
girls are sisters who are truly fit with fun, outgoing personalities. Sue and Sammi flex their biceps with great confidence
while smiling the entire time!! Their beauty and muscle surely are a winning ticket but to seal the deal, they need to show
they're strong as well. They are up to the challenge of the webmaster's tests and eager to prove that they not only can
handle any test but that they can do it without much effort at all!! Includes:  ARMWRESTLING, (Righty, Lefty and using his
two-hands against one hand, while kneeling and standing!!), BICEP PULLDOWN, LIFT AND CARRYING each other
(PIGGY-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S, CRADLE and SHOULDER-RIDE, all with greatest of ease!!) As if they
haven't already proved their strength, they go above and beyond by then LIFTING and CARRYING the Webmaster
PIGGY-BACK and OVER-THEIR-SHOULDER!! Not only do these strong and beautiful sisters have strong arms and legs, they
show their amazing, defined ABS, which can take a PUNCH like a pro!! Their energy is endless as they end their tryout doing
Hand-Stands, Push-Ups and Pull-Ups!! These girls are the complete package from head to toe!! Be sure to watch and enjoy
their super impressive tryout and quickly see why these soccer sisters will quickly be  fan favorites!!
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Sammi's Interview and Flexing Video
16 minute video (258MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Desperate times call for desperate measures as the entire world is social distancing themselves. The
webmaster knew the fans were itching to watch new videos to help pass the time and sure enough Soccer
Sister Sammi came through like a champ to bring joy to us all!! She's interviewed by the Webmaster via internet
video chat. He asks her some of the fans burning questions such as how she deals with the guys at the gym
and if she ever really beat a guy in an armwrestling match (besides the time she shamed and put the
webmaster down during her tryout). The Webmaster then gives her the floor to amaze and remind everyone
why she became an immediate fan favorite after we met her during her tryout. She looks as great as always!!
Her smile goes on for miles as she does push-ups with great energy (while the Webmaster tries to keep up
with her). She poses and flexes, highlighting her awesome physique, especially her perfect biceps!!  If there's
ever anyone to help us during this time of social isolation, it's Sammi to the rescue as she brings hope that
beautiful women with amazing physiques will always be there for the fans of the site.
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