Welcome to Super Strong Sophia's Page!
Hi, my name is Sophia and I am a very strong Hungarian woman who  
moved to USA to find work.  I recently was hired as Wimpy's
Housekeeper. He was very surprised to see my muscles and said I
could be a model on his site if I passed his tests.  What a joke his little
tests were!!  I have to admit I had fun showing Wimpy who the real
boss is!
Sophia, whose muscles caught the Wimpy Webmaster's eye while doing housekeeping work for him is offered a
tryout to be a model for VideoTeasing.  She turns out to be one of the strongest girls on the site with some of the
biggest and most impressive Biceps ever seen!  Needless to say, it was almost scary how easy all  these challenges
were for her and how poor Wimpy was totally dominated by this Hungarian Powerhouse!
Sophia's Tryout Video
(includes the new Bicep-to-Bicep Pressure Squeeze test, Armwrestling, Dumbell Curling, Game of Mercy,
Abs Punching, Lift and Carry, Bicep Pull-Down Leg Press, Head and Body Scissor and more!)
27 minute Tryout Video
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The webmaster was so blown away by Sophia's strength during her Tryout video, he just had to find what
would happen if they had a 100% REAL Armwrestling match. The matches in the video may have all been
real (as the webmaster was really giving it his best effort) but it certaily wasn't competitive.  As the video
went on, Sophia was able to more quickly slam the Webmaster's Arm down over and over again in an
overpowering and tremendous display of REAL strength by this sexy Hungarian Powerhouse!
Sophia's REAL Armwrestling Video
10 min 36 sec Armwrestling Video
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Sophia decides to have a little fun as she calls poor Wimpy to come over
and armwrestle as she knows he will be no match for her overpowering
strength.  Sophia watches in amusement as the webmaster tries to budge
her arm.  Some of the most humiliating defeats ever experienced happens
in this video.  Wimpy uses both his hands against only 2 of her fingers.  At
one point, Wimpy uses his ENTIRE BODY to try to push Sophia's arm down
but it is poor Wimpy thats goes down (and goes down hard!)
Sophia's Armwrestling Humiliation Video
9 min 46 sec Armwrestling Humiliation Video
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Sophia is not only Wimpy's Housekeeper, but she is also  fast becoming a
Lift and Carry Legend as she is able to dust / vacuum AND give Wimpy a
Piggyback ride at the SAME TIME.  After that, she does a variety of other
lifts including Cradle, OTS, Back-to-Back, Leg Press and even a Shoulder
Ride!!  All done with remarkable ease.  In fact, she wanted to do lots of
"tricks" while hoisting up Wimpy as the normal lifts were just way to easy
for her,  but Wimpy started to quiver like a scared little baby!
Sophia's Lift and Carry Video 1
13 min 12 sec Lift and Carry Video 1
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Sophia's Piggyback Video
Sophia's Lift and Carry Video 2
Sophia's Bicep Measuring Video
Sophia's Bicep Pull-down Video
Sophia's Flexing/Curling Video
Sophia Flexing and Posing in a pair of  HOT PINK HIGH HEELS while
pumping up her gigantic muscles!
This video opens up with the Wimpy Webmaster feebly struggling once
again to beat Sophia in Armwrestling.  The problem for Wimpy turns out to
be that his arms are just too puny when matched up against Sophia's Huge
Biceps.  See how big Sophia's Biceps actually are as they are measured
(flexed and unflexed) and compared against the arms of Wimpy.
Sophia (breaking in a new pair of hot pink high heels) is trying to clean the
kitchen but Wimpy can't take his eyes off his muscular cleaning lady.  
Sophia realizes the only way she is going to get any work done is if he lets
Wimpy do a Bicep Pull-Down video first.  But even after that Wimpy still
can't stop checking her out, leaving Sophia no other choice but to put
Wimpy to sleep by wrapping her huge biceps around his neck!!
Sophia seemingly piggybacks the Webmaster forever in this video. So easy
for her, she even texts, does some dumbell curls, reads a book, does calf
raises, carries the webmaster to the kitchen to look in his refrigerator. All
the time hardly realizing there is a 175 pound man on her back!!      
Simply amazing how easy Sophia lifts and carries the 6 ft 175
pound webmaster.  Over the Shoulder, Back to back Piggyback,
Firemans Carry and Leg Presses all done without breaking a
sweat by this Superstrong Hungarian Powerhouse!!
6 minute Flexing Video
Sophia's 9 min 30 sec Bicep measuring Video
10 min 36 sec Lift and Carry Video
8 min 20 sec Piggyback Video
9 min 18 sec Bicep Pull-down Video
Sophia's Video Package 1
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Super Strong Sophia is challenged to see how many 20 pound dumbell
curls in a row she can do until her muscles give out.  Wait till you see how
much she does with each arm!
And if that wasn't enough, after Sophia takes a short break (during which
she flexes her pumped up biceps), she then sees how many times in a row
she can curl the 6 foot 175 pound wimpy webmaster!!
Sophia's Ultimate Curling Video in Hi-res
9 min 22 sec Curling Video
Super Strong Sophia didn't get her workout in at the gym so
she uses a human being as her weight as she hoists the 6-foot
webmaster over her shoulder, squats him, twirls him and
basically manhandles him with her strength!
Sophia's Over-the-Shoulder Video in Hi-res
8 min 30 sec Lift/Carry Video
Sophia's Apple Crushing Video in Hi-res
7 min 50 sec Apple Crushing Video
See Super Strong Sophia not only crush an apple with just one of her
bare hands - SEE HER TOTALLY DEMOLISH IT.  And if that wasn't enough,
she crushes another one with her BICEPS in this totally amazing video!!
6 min 14 sec Scissor Video
Sophia's Pay-up or Pass-out Scissor
in Hi-res
Old-man Oscar learns the hard way what happens when you don't pay Sophia for
her cleaning services.  Sophia uses her strong and sexy legs to scissor the old
man into a state of semi-consciousness and then physically controls him by
stepping on his chest with her high heels and  not allowing him to get up. (part POV)
Sophia's Amazon Worship Video in Hi-res
10 min 13 sec Amazon Worship Video
You are a little man and Sophia is a big tall giant muscle woman.  Experience what it
is like to look up at such a muscular goddess as she talks down to you.  Try to reach
up and pull down her biceps, she dares you! Try to break free from the squeeze of her
legs you weak little man, just try!
Sophia's Video Package 2
Get all 5 videos above for $24.95
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In a video that has to be seen to be believed, Sophia sets a VideoTeasing record for the most times in a
row a woman has squatted a 175 pound man!  There were actually 3 VideoTeasing Lift/Carry records
set in this video (Regular Piggyback Squats, Back-to-back Piggyback Squats, and Human Cradle Curls).
You'll need to buy this video to see the exact number of squats and curls this Hungarian Powerhouse
performed (heres a hint - one of the records was in the triple digits!)
Sophia's Piggyback Sqaut Record Video
13 min 47 sec Piggyback Squat Video 1
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11 min 19 sec Armwrestling Video
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One Arm, 2 Arms, entire Body! - it really doesn't matter to Sophia as she decides to
have a little fun with poor Wimpy today letting him do whatever he wants in order to
get her arm down in a very special armwrestling video.  Sophia's amusement
grows along with Wimpy's frustration as he tries everything possible but it is of no
use against this incredible powerhouse!
Sophia's Two Arm Domination Video in Hi-res
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19 minute Video
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Sophia drops by to show off her new look.  She has lost weight and gained muscle and has
become totally ripped!  Wimpy could hardly believe what he saw as he couldn't keep his
EYES and HANDS off her bulging vascular biceps that Sophia was more than happy to flex
over and over for him.  As an additional bonus, Sophia once again toys with poor Wimpy in
armwrestling as she repeatedly takes both his arms down with her one arm and at one point
she doesn't even let his arms back up until he begs and admits her strength superiority.
Sophia's Ripped and Ready Video
w/Armwrestling Bonus
13 minute Armwrestling Video
Link to video will be IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Sophia, Wimpy's muscular cleaning woman, just got new tattoos and Wimpy (noticing it as she vacuums)
thinking it maybe weakened her, challenges Sophia to armwrestle again.  Wimpy quickly learns that if anything,
it made her even STRONGER as she toys with the weak and pathetic webmaster.  After that Wimpy tries
whatever he can do to pull down Sophia's flexed bicep including sitting on it!  At the end, Wimpy's neck gets
caught in a Bicep squeeze.  Video ends with a bonus of Sophia folding a baking dish like its a sheet of paper!
Sophia's Armwrestle and Bicep Power Video
w/Baking Dish Bending Bonus
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10 min 27 sec Bicep Video
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Sophia's Bicep Pull-Down Flex and Curl Video
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If you love seeing wimpy men trying to pull down the flexed arms of super strong and muscular women
then this video is for you.  Watch and enjoy as Sophia not only flexes her rapidly growing biceps but also
lets the Wimpy Webmaster tug on them over and over.  But perhaps the most impressive part of the video
is when Sophia does 20 pound dumbell curls with Wimpy pushing down with all his body weight!