Welcome to Sparky's Page!
Hi all, my name is Sparky and I'm a fun outgoing person who thinks
life's too short to take things too seriously. My motto is be proud of
who you are. I never knew there  are fans of female muscle and
strength and I've been missing out of all the fun until coming across
this site and seeing all the amazing models and learning of all the fans
who admire them. I'm super excited to join the rest of these awesome
strong, sexy and confident women!
14 min 31 sec Video (363MB)  mp4 format
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NEW! - Sparky's Interview Audition Video
Sparky answered an ad to be on the VT website and knew she had to part of it's great cast of fit, strong, and
confident models. Sure enough, the Webmaster contacted her who was intrigued with her level of fitness,
opening the door for him to invite her to do an internet interview. Didn't take long for her to impress him and
sure enough, she proves she's perfect to be the next model on the site. Watch as she poses and flexes her
amazing physique, highlighting her awesome biceps and ripped Abs. She surprisingly shows she's strong for
real by lifting her guy friend who's almost 6 feet tall and 170 pounds, with greatest of ease and great energy, all
while expressing her fun personality and never-ending smile!!
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