Welcome to Steely's Page!
Hi, I'm Steely. My body and strength earned me my name and I'm
proud of it!! I'm strong and fit and love every minute of it!! I have a
blast showing the guys I'm tougher than them and can take any
challenge that comes my way. I made the guys cringe when they saw
my tattoo on the inside of my arm which the bodybuilder men at my
gym said they would never do because it was too painful for them. I
had a great time during my tryout and had more energy at the end
and ready to do more!! Hope all my new fans enjoy it and remember,
keep fit as I may challenge you too, LOL!!
She's cool, strong and confident!! The Webmaster's newest find is named Steely and her name surely fits her physique and
strength. Don't let her cute smile fool you....she's strong and proves it during her tryout. She makes a great impression
from the beginning as she sails through the tests including: BICEP PULLDOWN, MERCY, ARMWRESTLING (where she
shines Lefty, Righty and even with the Webmaster using two hands). She proves her biceps are strong and then shows
she's in great shape as she handles the ABS punching test without a flinch!! After her impressive PUSH UP contest and
BICEP MEASURING with the Webmaster, she's still  full of energy during the LIFT AND CARRY portion which includes:
PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, CRADLE and LEG PRESS!! Her great leg strength peaks the
Webmaster's interest as he requests to test it further with BODY and HEAD SCISSORS. She reluctantly goes along with his
request, not because she's afraid to fail but because she's truly afraid for his safety. As soon as he gets into the grip of
her powerful thighs, he begins to quickly realize doubting her strength was a very big mistake. He wakes up having
learned his lesson with her proudly posing victoriously feeling proud of herself for making the site.
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