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NEW! - Sunny and Misty's Tryout Video
(Armwrestling, Abs Punching, Bicep Pull-Down, Lift and Carrying, Scissoring and more!)
42 minute Tryout Video
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I'm Sunny and my best friend is Misty (yes, those are our names) and we
were discovered by the wimpy webmaster on youtube and offered a
VideoTeasing Tryout.  Believe me, we did not disappoint!  We not only
beat and humiliated the webmaster in all his so-called strength tests,
but we also had him drooling as he watched us do what we do best -
use our legs to Scissor each other into a state of ecstasy!  I hope you
enjoy watching our videos as much as we enjoyed making them.
After seeing these 2 girls youtube video, the webmaster just knew he had to meet Sunny and Misty in person as they
seemed almost too good to be true!  Both girls were incredibly sexy (and knew it too!), but Sunny turned out to  be the real
superstar with incredibly strong abs (that took some pretty hard punches) and a nicely toned bicep which she was very
proud to flex.  The girls did a lot of sexy posing for the webmaster before they got down to business and lifted and carried
each other and then Sunny actually back-piggybacked and cradled the much bigger webmaster.  Both girls then proved they
were strong enough to beat the webmaster in armwrestling.  But this video might be always remembered for the girl-girl
scissor scene in which Sunny and Misty used their legs to squeeze each other into a state of ecstasy which happened
before and after Sunny knocked Wimpy out with a headscissor.
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