Welcome to Super Suzanne's Page!
Hi, I'm Suzanne. I'm a fitness competitor and
proud to say that my 50th birthday is just around
the corner. Life has it's ups and downs and what
keeps me smiling and positive is keeping fit and
healthy. Keeping fit and living each day to the
fullest is my passion and I've been a role model
for this way of life to my family and friends. Be
sure to support and join me along my journey
while I entertain and motivate you by showing off
my physique and strength.
15 min  38 sec Video (622MB) mp4 format
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NEW! - Suzanne's Audition/Tryout Video
Luck strikes the Webmaster as he meets a sexy, strong woman named Suzanne. She learns of the site while
being interviewed by the Webmaster and can't wait to show that she's a perfect fit. Turns out she's a fitness
model competitor with jaw-dropping biceps that she flexes with great, well-deserved pride. She's perfect from
head to toe and certainly not shy to show it off.  Her amazing, fit physique and fun attitude give her an edge and
after proving she's got great strength also which seals the deal for her to land herself a new title of official
model for all the fans to enjoy. Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN, PUSH-UPS, ABS PUNCHING, and ARM WRESTLING.
Suzanne continues to be the star and puts on an amazing FLEXING/POSING show, highlighting her amazing and
perfect muscle!! As if she hasn't impressed us all already, she uses her endless energy by doing multiple
PULL-UPS with the greatest of ease!!! Wow is the only word that describes this amazing, strong and sexy woman!!
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