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NEW! - Sydney's Audition Videos w/POV Lift Bonus
Audition #1
Sydney really wants to be on VideoTeasing so for her audition video she decides to do Plank exercises.  Actually it turns
out that doing planks is just a flimsy excuse for her to show off her magnificent cleavage.  She knows the Webmaster
has a weakness for that and thinks that will be her ticket onto the site.  Will it work? Stay Tuned!

Audition #2
Sydney, still determined to be on VideoTeasing submits another audition video wearing a tight skimpy revealing top that
she bends over in, does jumping jacks in, and just generally tries to convince the webmaster into putting her on the site.

Audition #3
Sydney submits a 3rd audition video in the hopes of captioning the webmaster's attention with her boobs and biceps.
She wears a tight fitting blouse that has her busting out all over!  Besides showing off her ample cleavage, she flexes
her biceps in very tight sleeves that she tries rolling up but can't quite get it over the hump of her bicep! Sydney really
really wants to be a VideoTeasing model and she won't give up until she achieves her dream.
10 min 6 sec Audition Videos (255MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Hi, I'm Sydney and my dream for many years has been to be
a VideoTeasing model and I wasn't going to take no for an
answer. It took a few audition videos for me to sway the
webmaster into putting me on his site but I knew in the end  
he wouldn't be able to resist.  I'm a very persistent and
persuasive person who knows what it takes to weaken any
man!  Can't wait to do more videos for you guys!
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---Free POV Lift and Carry Bonus--
NEW! - Sydney Lifts YOU for checking her out at the Gym
Sydney knows you were checking her out at the gym.  Was it her her boobs? her
biceps?  That's ok, she likes lifting little men like you over her head and walking around
her house with you! Enjoy the view as you may never see cleavage like that again
unless of course she's kind enough to show off her strength for you again!
3 min 18 sec POV Lift and Carry Video (129MB) mp4 format
FREE w/purchae of Audition Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!