Welcome to Tamra's Page!
Hi fans, I'm Tamra. I'm a tall and strong bikini fitness model and I've
dedicated my life to serious fitness for the past three to four years. I've done
two bikini shows this year and also love pushing myself by doing obstacle
courses which test my endurance and strength. When I run the obstacles,
the men are intimidated by me but I just encourage them to keep up.
I had a great time showing the webmaster my true strength and  looking
forward to making many more videos for the fans.
Tamra is discovered at a kettle bell lift challenge which impressed the webmaster into inviting her to do a mini tryout on the spot!
Tamra being fit and strong accepted the challenge without hesitation. She FLEXES her great strong biceps and POSES her fit
physique showing that she is indeed, in terrific shape!! She pops her biceps which you will never get tired of.  She's fit and beautiful
but the webmaster puts her through a few tests to be sure she's qualified to be on the site. Tests include: BICEP PULLDOWN, GAME
OF MERCY, ARM WRESTLING (righty, lefty, her two fingers against his entire hand) and nothing he throws at her can take her
down!! His humiliation grows while her smile never fades. He also puts her through a few quick LIFT & CARRY tests which she sails
Congratulations those muscles of yours and your great personality surely are a welcomed addition to the site.
Included: 100 PERCENT REAL ARMWRESTLING MATCH!! Yes....her strength is the real deal!! Truly impressive!!! Watch how she
wows in this video and she'll truly leave you speechless!!
NEW! - Tamra's Mini-Tryout Video
Bicep Pulldown, Mercy and Flexing & Posing, Lift & Carry w/Arm Wrestling Including: 100% REAL MATCH!!
19 minute  Video
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