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NEW! - Tapered Physique's Tryout Video
Her big biceps match her big bite. Her video isnít for the faint of heart because sheís all action and doesnít
have time to be bothered by anyone questioning her strength, especially the Wimpy Webmaster who had no
idea what he was getting himself into when he approached her. Watch as she puts him in his place and
leaves zero doubt that sheís all strength, muscle and attitude from head to toe! Includes: ARMWRESTLING-
Righty, Lefty, and all ways that the Webmaster struggles to the point of exhaustion and embarrassment, even
finding his head caught in-between her biceps!! And a 100 percent REAL match where she shows glee in
almost breaking his arm!! Mercy (where she bullies and throws him to the floor!!) BICEP-PULL-DOWN, ABS
PUNCHING (where she laughs after each ďtickle punchĒ and continues to mock him). Sheís angry and ready
to take it out on him during the LIFT and CARRY Tests including: PIGGY-BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-
SHOULDER, FIREMANíS and CRADLE. Her most sadistic personality appears when she SCISSORS him and
enjoys hearing his bone crushing screams without any mercy for his poor little soul. The Webmaster will
NEVER question her strength again since thereís no therapy that can help him recover from what was the
most brutal, traumatic, and painful tryout heís ever conducted.
20 minute Video (707MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
I think you all know who I am....and if you donít, whatís wrong with
you? Donít mess with me or youíll end up regretting it just like the
Wimpy Webmaster did. Iím a tough, strong woman whoís proud of
not letting anyone or anything get in my way!  I LOVE to see the
FEAR in men's eyes before I DESTROY them!  If you canít take it, itís
just too bad because Iím not here to make friends. Sooner or later
youíll see that we live in an eat or get eaten world. Sorry
webmaster....hope your recovery goes well.
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