Welcome to Titanium Tasha's Page!
Hi, my name is Tasha and I am a very strong Swiss
woman. I work out in the gym everyday as I love
watching my muscles get bigger. My goal in coming to
the USA is to become a professional bodybuilder. I
hope you all like my videos as I really enjoyed showing
off my muscles and strength!
Tasha's Tryout Video
(Gym encounter with a Swiss Bombshell!)
The Webmaster meets Tasha - a very sexy and powerful Swiss girl working out in a gym in Miami.  Always on the
lookout for new talent he approaches her and asks if she would mind showing her muscles for the website. Happy to
oblige, Tasha not only flexes and poses for him, but also armwrestles him  in a total lopsided match. After totally
dominating in Armwrestling, Tasha shows off the power of her abs and legs by taking some punches and performing
a few quick lifts and carries.  Tasha even lets the webmaster attempt some pullups on her flexed biceps!
23 min 30 sec Tryout Video
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