Welcome to Tazzy's Page!
Hi, I'm Tazzy. I'm cool, confident and proud to be me.  I love having fun
and just hanging out with my friends. I don't know how I grew my
unusually big biceps, but I love shocking people who don't expect such
a petite girl to own a pair of biceps like mine. Life is short, so have fun
and play hard. I'm excited to be on the site and hope to do more videos
for all my fans.
11min 6 sec Flexing Audition Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Tazzy submits her Audition Video to VT headquarters feeling confident she is perfect for the site. Her confidence shines through
during this video. You can literally sense her enjoyment and sense of pride as she shows off her cut biceps and fit physique. Tazzy
may be lean, but her biceps and flat abs are not typical for someone with such a petite figure. Tazzy's biceps pop as she flexes them.
She shows her abs are hard as a rock. The webmaster was certainly impressed with Tazzy and he immediately gave her a position on
the site. Show Tazzy your support and you'll be sure to see more videos of her on VT.
NEW! - Tazzy's Audition Video
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