Welcome to Goddess T'bella's Page!
Hi fans, Iím GODDESS T BELLA and super excited to be here. Iím a
wrestler and body builder and just love showing off my strength
and feminine physique too!! Iím very outgoing and full of energy.
Hang out with me and youíll quickly see why the webmaster was
drawn to my energy the moment he met me. Canít wait to do more
videos and I know youíll like what you see.
NEW! - T'bella Tryout Video Package
25 min 10 sec Tryout Video (931MB) mp4 format
5 min 9 sec Flexing POV Lift  Video (200MB) mp4 format
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Sheíll grab your attention quicker than you can blink your eyes!! Wait until you meet the beautiful, fit and strong
TBella. Her physique screams femininity and amazingly fit muscle. Sit back and enjoy her impressive tryout as
she wows the webmaster with her great strength and stamina which earns her a coveted position on the site.
Includes:  BICEP PULLDOWN, ARM-WRESTLING (righty, lefty, his entire hand against her two fingers) all while
she teases him with her strength as she flaunts her beautiful body, which anyone couldnít help be distracted by
no matter how much they try to look away!!  Also includes more strength tests including: MERCY (where she
makes him drop to his knees), and ABS PUNCHING which makes his hand bounce off her body!!. Tbella is doing
amazing with all the challenges. Full of energy, she gives the webmaster a sample of her leg strength as she LEG-
PRESSES him with the greatest of ease!! Her strength really shines with the SCISSOR HOLD tests which just
happens to be her specialty as a wrestler, leaving no doubt that sheís got it all and worthy enough for this
Goddess to be worshiped by all the fans as sheís welcomed to the site.     
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Tbella lets the fans get a close up look to what she knows they are attracted to most...her
strong, jaw-dropping BICEPS and most gorgeous peaked-condition, feminine PHYSIQUE!! She
plays into your deepest desire as she puts you in the webmasterís shoes allowing you to
FANTASIZE being lifted by this woman of Amazonian strength!! Go ahead...play along and let
yourself feel her power!! Sheís certainly a Goddess to worship
--- Tryout Video --
--- Flexing and POV Lift Video ---